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Oct 17, 2008 01:07 PM

Bo Ssam other than Momofuku??

I have a serious craving for the delicious pork and oysters but can't get in to Momofuku... is there anywhere else to get this amazing dish in NYC?

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  1. Gam Mee Oak has bo ssam but without the oysters. Most korean restaurants should have it so head to 32nd street. I know for sure Ga Mee Oak has it as i've had it there

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    1. re: banjolinana

      The bo ssam at Gam Mee Ok does include oysters.

      1. re: E Eto

        Perhaps they changed it but when i was there back in march they did not include oysters

    2. I think Persimmon has it, but I haven't tried so I can't attest to the taste.

      1. ya classic bo ssam rec would be great; always have had it at kunjip, had it at the place which used to be hangang, had it at the old dae dong, and it was always pretty good, esp. with the classicly bad frozen oysters . . . but, a solid rec for bo ssam would be great; my favorite with the salty shrimp paste!

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        1. re: bigjeff

          Not to beat a dead horse but Gam Mee Oak also has the salty shrimp paste you want.

          1. re: banjolinana

            yay! going there tonight . . . . got me some cravings.

            1. re: bigjeff

              Gahm Mi Oak is one of my favorties spots anywhere, and the Bo Sam is great..
              however for the best Bo Sam, I'd head to Flushing..
              San Soo Kap San


              San Soo Kap San
              38-13 Union St, Queens, NY 11354

              1. re: HaveTasteWillTravel32

                its on union? I thought it was way far up on northern . . new location? or this is the place across from the big municipal parking lot, near the police station and diagonal from the koryodang? funnily I've only had raw fish at that place; didn't realize it was a san soo kap san.

                1. re: bigjeff

                  ^yeah that's the place!
                  They have another location on 170something and Northern near the 7-11 just west of Utopia Pkwy!

          2. re: bigjeff

            any new recs for "classic" bo ssam?