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Oct 17, 2008 12:56 PM

Best Mexican Stand by Universal City

What's the best non-chain Mexican place around Universal City? The only ones I'm aware of are Tony's Mexican Grill (not bad but too far from work and not good enough to make the drive at lunch), Hugo's (not a fan), and Casita Tacos (just okay). Is there a really good Mexican stand in the area? I'm looking for a place to get food quickly for lunch.

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  1. Dunno if it's too late, but there's Henry's Tacos on the corner NW corner of the Moorpark/Tujunga intersection.

    They are NOT authentic Mexican, but are a great homage to '50s hard-shell/lettuce/cheese/tomato tacos.

    I actually like their burritos better, fwiw.

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    1. Right down the street, on Ventura west of Vineland is Tortas Mexico (same strip mall as Sushi Dan's and Supercuts).

      Cheap and delish! I've been going there about 8 years now (I work in the area), and have always enjoyed my food. Tasty carnitas, chicken, fish, etc. Their refried beans are wickedly good, too.

      Great burritos, tortas, tacos, and all your other favorites, plus some more "authentic" items as specials.

      Anyone else tried this place? Thoughts?

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        I like it. It's cheap, it's good.

        Another possibility is the El Taco Llama stand on Magnolia and Bakman. It's a small local chain but is very good (the various branches vary -- this is actually probably the best one).

      2. If "around Universal city" includes places within a three-mile radius, then there's the recently opened and spectacularly good Don Haurache just a drive up Cahuanga Blvd: