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Oct 17, 2008 12:13 PM

Nice dinner near Gaithersburg?

My fiance and I are headed to a wedding in Gaithersburg and we were looking for a nice place to have dinner Friday night. I'd prefer something romantic and nice within 1/2 hour from the city. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

Thank you!

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  1. Hi, it doesn't happen to be the Reed/Locatelli wedding, does it?

    Also, what types of food do you like? The Gaithersburg/Rockville area is best for cheap, ethnic eats. Wandering into Bethesda will net you more "romantic and nice", but it's a little futher away from Gaithersburg.

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      Nope! Seek/Kelly :)

      We both like all types of food... are there any worth recommending in Bethesda?

      1. re: JMelnyk

        CAVA in Rockville/Gaithersburg(?) is excellent Medditerannean food- I do not know about romantic, though-although it does have a good vibe! ADDIE'S in Rockville is good food- charming,quaint & cozy, and could be on the romantic side because there are small rooms with just a couple tables in each.

    2. Le Palais in Gaithersburg
      La Canela in Rockville

      Le Palais
      304 Main St, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

      La Canela
      141 Gibbs St, Rockville, MD 20850

      1. I'll definitely second the recommendations for Cava and Flor de la Canela. Both are in kindof strip mall areas but have nice dining rooms and great food.

        Cava is Greek tapas and Flor de la Canela is Peruvian.

        Also, if you're staying in Gaithersburg, you can head up to Frederick in just about as much time as it'll take you to get to Bethesda (with easier parking). Volt and the Tasting Room get good reviews, although I haven't been to either yet. I do like Isabella's, which does very respectable Spanish tapas.

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          Cava is great food but very loud. I would not classify it as all.
          Addie's is a good choice and Volt in Frederick is getting good buzz.