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Oct 17, 2008 11:43 AM

Hell Night menu posted

I'm guessing the 'infamous surprise' is the pasta?

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  1. I know that the antidote is usually the most expensive item on the menu, but I wonder if the "$100" glass of milk is a wink at Persephone's $100 ham sandwich?

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    1. re: Bob Dobalina

      That's pretty funny. :-) I'm not a fan of overly hot food, so I'll never participate in Hell Night, but I got a laugh out of the cost of the milk.

      1. re: LindaWhit

        I think it used to be $10?

        I guess the higher costs of milk these days got to them.

    2. Is the ancho-chipolte ale generally available? Sound great to me.

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      1. re: tdaaa

        The ancho-chipotle ale was regularly available at Sunday brunch at Cambridge Brewing Co. Very smoky with a lingering but reserved burn. Maybe the one to be served at Hell Night will be a special, spicier version!

        I always look forward to reading the Hell Night reviews here.

        1. re: PaulB

          Rogue makes a pretty tasty chipolte ale.

      2. I can't wait for this next Hell Night. The "Helloween" theme always seems to be more fun.

        I am bummed the sausages are, once again, not on the menu! :(

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        1. re: TomH

          If you ask nicely, they will provide you with the hell sausage. Same with le pasta d'infer: not on the menu.

          1. re: Alcachofa

            Last year when I asked about the sausages they stated they had just enough for the oyster combo dish and could not sell us a couple of the sausages. I will try again this year! Thanks!

            1. re: TomH

              Good point. The sausage was part of another (I think) shrimp dish this year, but a DC was able to order it separately. At least, last night he could.

        2. Just out of curiosity, how far in advance does one need to make reservations? I called last night, only to be told they are sold out. My wife, who had been telling me to call for several days, happily gave me the "procrastination" and "I told you so" lectures.

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          1. re: tdaaa

            Don't know, but go to the website and get on their mailing list so you'll know when they announce the next one. Shame on you! ;-)

            1. re: Bob Dobalina

              That's pretty much exactly what my wife said, except for the useful suggestion about the mailing list (which I am now on). It was especially funny because she doesn't even like spicy food and only agreed to go to humor me.

            2. re: tdaaa

              Well, party size makes a difference. I've been turned away 6-7 weeks in advance trying to get a table for 8, but I've managed to get tables for 2 a few weeks before the event.

              These days I usually reserve within a few days of the announcement.

              1. re: tdaaa

                I find that the Hell Night held in October sells out a lot faster than the one in the Winter months. Guess it's the whole Halloween thing. I've called a few weeks before the event and gotten in. It is really is a lot of fun and the food is good. I especially liked the chocolate chili pepper ice cream with pistachios and berries.

                1. re: tdaaa

                  We usually have a party of 8 and I make the reservation about two months in advance. With this much advance I have never had a problem getting a slot.

                2. They never do any vegetarian items on Hell Night, huh? Bummer.

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                  1. re: invinotheresverde

                    I think a vegetarian would have a difficult time eating at the ECG in general - w/o looking at their normal menu I don't recall any vegetarian options on normal nights either.

                    1. re: jgg13

                      The All-Vegetable Experience of the Day is on the regular menu - I have picked off the plate when friends have ordered - it's a huge amount of food and generally, really really yummy.

                      1. re: Bob Dobalina

                        Yup, you're right. Just looked at the normal dinner menu.

                    2. re: invinotheresverde

                      I've never tried it, but I have read good things on this board about the vegetarian plate at East Coast Grill. I noticed its absence on the Hell Night menu, but I would call and inquire, and I'm guessing something could be worked out.

                      1. re: chowfamily

                        Thanks everybody for the thoughts/tips. I'll have to give 'em a call next time around.