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Oct 17, 2008 11:35 AM

Lobster Pot Pie @ Far Niente?

Is this really the be all / end all lobster pot pie in TO? I was thinking of it for my hubby's birthday (it's a favourite for him - the pie...)

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  1. Well, it didn't come out that great in Amy Pataki's restaurant pot pie quest last year but man it looks good. The photo made me drool.

    1. kawarthagirl

      I tried it a couple of years back, so I'm not sure if the recipe has changed since - but it looks just like the photo that JaimeK posted. I would have to say that I was not all too impressed. It was too watery for my tastes. And I found that it was a touch overcooked for my tastes (being in a pot pie and baked would probably do that). SO liked it a lot though from what I can remember. I have honestly had better food for that price - but if you want a pot pie, well then... I guess it would fit the bill.

      Not sure if that helps.

      1. Gordon cooked this for a segment I shot last spring, overall I enjoyed it. Having pieces of shell in the dish could be off putting for some, but that is offset by the amount of Lobster present.
        Beyond the reduced lobster sauce, the rest of the recipe is pretty easy.


        1. The first time I tried the lobster pot pie at Far Niente was on recommendation from a friend two years ago. It was REALLY GOOD. Good portion of lobster, lots of different veggies inside with a little bit of broth.. not tooo watery, but definitely not thick. However, I've tried it again two more times afterwards (most recently last December) and I was more and more disappointed with it. It was watery the last time and there were hardly any veggies, just a whole lot of potato inside. I think it's not consistent enough for me to recommend it. It definitely is a pretty pot pie though :)

          On a side note, I also ordered a wild mushroom appetizer the time I went in December and it was very very salty. I ate a few pieces and had to leave the rest. One of the servers was really nice when I mentioned to her what I thought of the app. At the end of the meal, she offered a dessert, no charge. I chose the madagascar vanilla creme brulee and it was YUMMY. Best creme brulee i've ever had.

          1. Any current opinions on what to order at Far Niente? Going on a expenses-paid dinner tomorrow night. What are the two best apps, mains, and desserts (and drinks)? My companion can't eat shellfish or rare to medium meats, but I'm game for anything.