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Oct 17, 2008 11:29 AM

Want cold beer. Will travel.

I've just moved to NY for 3 months. Loving Greenwich and the East Village but want to explore the boroughs. Distance no problem. Where are all the cool kids drinking?

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  1. Where are the cool kids drinking beer????

    Doesn't get much hipper (read hipster) than that anywhere in nyc.

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    1. re: dhs

      Just checked out the link. That's exactly what I'm after. On the next train out there. Thanks

      1. re: barfly72

        they don't open till after 5 or 5:30, so don't go too early. BBQ by the same owners is available across the street too at Fette Sau. I personally don't love it but many people think quite well of their smoked meats. Different beers on tap there usually as well.

      2. re: dhs

        That's an interesting characterization to call SD hip and hipstery (?). I don't think I know anyone who would consider it such and I've never gotten that impression when drinking there. It's a true gem for sure, but most hipsters are priced out of it, opting for the PBR and happy hour Rolling Rock specials around the area.

        If you're not into craft, and especially expensive European beers, it's not really a scene. Their tap selection is a few hard to find American crafts. But it's mostly a destination for their excellent Belgian and German bottles. Not a PBR in sight.

        1. re: Silverjay

          On Atlantic between Boreum Place and Hicks they are some good bars and restaurants including:

          Brazen Head - 228 Atlantic Ave. (Court St. & Boerum Pl.) – Good drafts and draught beers. They gave good weekday specials.

          Waterfront Ale House - 155 Atlantic Ave. (Bet Clinton & Henry Sts.) – Very good selection of micros and some of the best bar food in the area. I rec. their burgers or daily specials.

          Chip Shop – 129 Atlantic Ave. (Clinton & Henry) – OK fish and chips and everything fried - including candy bars. They have a selection of UK beers on tap.

          Downtown Bar & Grill 160 Court St (corner of Amity) – 700 or so different beers available - the # keeps changing. Only a few blocks off of Atlantic, food’s decent for
          what it is.

          Pacifico - 269 Pacific St (and Smith - one block from Atlantic) – They usual have a good bar crowd, especially when the weather is nice. Food’s OK, there’s def. better Mexican in the area.

          Floyd 131 Atlantic (Bet Clinton & Henry Sts.) – If you’re into bocce then this place is for you.

          Last Exit 136 Atlantic Ave. (Clinton & Henry Sts.) – Other bars have a better beer selection, but we like the crowd and bartenders, sort of laid back.

          Montero Bar and Grill 73 Atlantic Ave (Near Hicks) – All the way down Atlantic and is a throwback to the longshoreman days of Brooklyn’s past. If you like divey bars then this and Last Exit are good places to start.

          Area is easily accessible by train: F, G Trains to Bergen Street and walk to Atlantic; 2, 3, 4, 5 Trains - take to Borough Hall and walk down Court to Atlantic or the R Train get off at Court Street and walk down Court to Atlantic.

          Good place to hop - enjoy.

          1. re: MShapiro

            Wow, thanks. The will keep me going for weeks.

            1. re: barfly72

              PBR = Pabst Blue Ribbon. Let put it this way, it's not Boddingtons

              1. re: barfly72

                PBR = Pabst Blue Ribon. PBR is an inexpensive american beer (usually cans). It has gone beyond its lowly origins to attain a sort of mythic status in the hip and young crowd.

              2. re: Silverjay

                We'll have to disagree on the hipster hangout characterization, but I very much agree that it is a gem.

            2. i suggest you check out

              there are great places to find in brooklyn!

              1. How has noone referred this man to The Czech Beer garden in Astoria Queens. This place is an outdoor hipster fest. You probably have very few weeks left to enjoy this place since it dies out after the cold weather settles in. This place has a lot of great European Beers on tap and some decent Czech food.

                I would also recommend The Sunswick in astoria. Its by the Kaufman studios area. I think 34th ave, and about 35th street.

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                1. re: montoya040

                  Did Williamsburg but did it do well I can't remember which bars I went to!
                  Next stop Astoria.