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Oct 17, 2008 11:18 AM

Dinner in No. Hollywood/Studio City?

We live in Altadena, want to have dinner with cousins who live in Canoga Park, so figured the west Valley would be about midway. We've been to Ca de Sole and like it a lot, but with the market doing what it's doing, would prefer something a bit more moderately priced. Any type/ethnicity is fine, but not a lot of noise - we want something quiet so we can catch up.

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  1. Some of the best Thai in the city is in NoHo (Sri Siam); you've also got really good BBQ at KC BBQ, there's Peruvian at Puro Sabor, and in the last couple of days streetgourmetla just posted about an awesome new, authentic Mexican joint in NoHo -- look down the first page and I'm sure you'll find it.

    All of these are *really* tasty, and pretty inexpensive ... like $15 - 20pp with no drinks.

    Hope this helps!

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      Thanks a213b, I was just going to suggest, Don Huarache.Two can share a huarache at $5.50 for this massive offering.Don Huarache is about $4-$7 a person without drinks.No alcohol.A friend and I went the other night and drank some Tecates in a nearby parking lot after eating our huarache and cemita:)

      Don Huarache
      10719 Burbank Bl.(just east of Vineland
      )North Hollywood,CA
      Mon-Thurs 8-9
      Friday-saturday 8-10
      Sunday 9-6

      1. re: streetgourmetla

        Can you BYOB (beer or wine) to Don Huarache?

        1. re: archer

          I asked the other night and they couldn't.I know, drag.Hey, you can always ask for a squirt like drink and spike it with tequila from a flask:)These liquor license laws are such rubbish.Hate 'em!!

    2. Mezzomondo - great Italian, not too expensive, wonderful family-run neighbourhood trattoria.
      On Ventura just E of Whitsett, Studio City

      I was gonna suggest Laurel Tavern, but it's very noisy...

      1. If Argentinean might be appropriate, the recently opened Pampas Cafe at 5242 Van Nuys Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, just north of Magnolia, is quite good. Had a very good salmon dish with a MAJOR pile of superb rice as a side(typically I won't eat rice to any degree, but finished the entire plateful here). Also, most of the beef dishes are quite good, yet do not get the short ribs, unless Neil, the owner, says they have improved in recent weeks.
        BYO on wine is very acceptable, as their selection is just adequate. for more details.

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        1. re: carter

          Thanks, carter, that sounds perfect. I think that'll be our choice.

          1. re: judybird

            Pampas Cafe in Sherman Oaks was great! Due to a misunderstanding, our cousins showed up for dinner Saturday night when our date was for Sunday. When they realized their mistake, they had dinner anyway. They had the skirt steaks, which they said were fantastic, and they were delighted to come back on Sunday.

            Sunday night, they each had a different chicken dish, while DH and I shared the parrillada for two - generous servings of chicken, skirt steak and short ribs, which were actually very tasty. All was delicious and we brought home enough leftovers for another night's dinner.

            Thanks for the recommendation - I just wish we didn't live so far away. If this place were in our neighborhood, we'd definitely be regulars.

        2. Caioti is pretty reasonably prices on Tujunga. Some interesting Italian/pizza ideas, good salads, and other dishes.