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Oct 17, 2008 10:53 AM

sister's birthday dinner with family

hi looking for a moderately priced restaurant to take out my sister to for her birthday with the family - not looking to go for mexican food - but open to italian, fusion cuisine, something on that line - as long as its not too expensive and also my mom is vegetarian so any place that has somewhat decent vegetarian options would be nice
open to all and any suggestions - thanks

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  1. types of cuisine that would work: italian, some type of fusion, mediterreanean, greek - anything thats good
    please really need help deciding

    1. How large is your group, and can you give us a sense of what "not too expensive" is? Any preferred parts of town?

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        its only 5 of us and not too expensive would be about max $20-25 per dish

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          I had a nice meal at Roberto Passon last week or so - Italian, nice room, good food (we were a group of 8), and I'm guessing decent veg. options since it's Italian. Will try to come up w/ some other ideas.

      2. For Italian, I like Via Emilia and Giorgio's of Gramercy, both in Gramercy.
        Turkish food is great for vegetarians, and for that purpose I really like Ali Baba