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Oct 17, 2008 10:18 AM

Tacos Por Favor+Spinach Burrito

A few of my friends have mentioned the spinach burrito at Tacos Por Favor recently--anyone try it? I am having a hard time picturing how exactly a spinach burrito would work.

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  1. I haven't tried TPF's specifically, but usually it involves steamed spinach along with the usual burrito fillings (beans, rice, salsa). It can be quite tasty if you like spinach and are in the mood. I'll have to give TPF's a try...

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    1. re: a_and_w

      I was there at lunch today and noticed that the spinach burrito was listed on the breakfast board. Not sure if it's only served at breakfast, but I found it interesting. There was no description of it.

      1. re: Juji

        It's served all day -- I've seen people order it at lunch, as well.

    2. im a big fan.

      its especially delicious if you add mahi mahi to it

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        e, i'm really interested in what is the great stuff at Tacos Por Favor. I started going there regularly a few years ago, but I have slacked off. I really like their salsa roja at the salsa bar -- it is fairly spicy and sorta complex, probably the best i've had on the westside. (I like El Super Taco's habanero mixed with their salsa roja since it gives me more heat, and the dark salsa roja at Taqueria Sanchez is pretty good -- none compare with the Carnitas Michaocan up on North Broadway.) I have tried the much-lauded chorizo and cheese at TPF, but it is just too rich and unctuous for my taste. Their carnitas is inconsistent -- often good and succulent but sometimes not long enough cooked and tough and too chunky. I ordinarily go with the al pastor. I've seen some really good-looking tostadas go by with lots of fresh-looking lettuce and crisp fried tortillas underneath. I hate beans. I like how friendly the people there are. I hate how difficult it is to park if a space isn't open right in front. What has really kept me away is that their bigger than the norm tacos were $1.35 when I first went, seemed to increase a dime every visit, and the last specific price I recall is $1.85 but I fear the tacos are over $2 each now. So I stop in at off hours for a burrito to go.

        1. re: nosh

          The enchiladas verde (chicken or cheese) are excellent -- perhaps my favorite thing there. If chorizo and cheese tacos are too rich, try the chorizo on a burrito with black beans.