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Oct 17, 2008 08:29 AM

Lancaster - any word new restaurant GUSTO?


Gusto has just opened in Lancaster city (as of 10/7, I believe).

Has anyone checked it out yet? My husband and I figured we would give them about two weeks to work out the kinks, but I am getting anxious to try it!

Here's a link to the Lancaster Newspaper article, if you haven't heard about it:

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  1. Heard a little about it, and hoping to dine there tonight.
    I'll report back later. Ralph's always had good food,
    so I'll check it out.

    1. I was not able to get there to check it out. But my past experiences with Ralph have always been great.
      He's got a solid reputation and a strong following. I'll report more once I get there, should be soon.

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      1. Finally got to Gusto this week. Was not entirely pleased with the experience.
        They have a nice wine, beer, spirits selection, combined with a good bartender.
        Drinks were well made, and prices about average for this level of dining,
        as are the small plates and entrees.

        The good: Appetizers - Nice portions, prepared well, great flavor combo.
        Service was a little slow, but it was a busy night, the dining room where we were
        seated was full, a few people were waiting for seats at the bar.
        Good crowd, many familiar faces of Lancaster.
        Staff was pleasant, attentive and quickly took care of any problems.

        The bad: Main entrees - Pasta was quite bland, and the watery tomato sauce tasted
        more like thinned out Chef BoyRdee!
        Tried the Pizza - It arrived un-sliced, that was annoying. Had to slice it myself with a table knife.
        The outer crust was thin and nicely toasted, but the rest of the pie was very soft and
        undercooked, rather soggy actually. The cheese was tasteless.

        After ordering we were given small bread plates and a bottle of oil. The bread never arrived.
        No mention of specials, and after the meal, no offer of dessert or an after dinner drink.
        Well, that kept the bill a bit smaller.

        Probably will try it again. I asked about a web site, server wasn’t sure, "didn’t think so",
        she didn’t think to go find out either.

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          Hmmm..... sounds like they need a little more time to get their act together. I hope it improves.

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            We've been following Ralph for years. We were not disappointed with our meal. Server was extremely knowledgeable, rolls were delicious as was the oil for dipping. We could not wait to try two of Ralph's signature dishes. The Lamb tenders with goat cheese was excellent. My husband had his favorite the baked penne. He said it lacked the hot spicey taste from the past. We also had the calamari, which was good...the sauce that accompanied it was excellent. All in all we had a nice meal...we dined at 6 p.m. and were given a lousy table...we asked to be moved and they did. No room for dessert. If I were to find fault with anything it would have been the wine list. He needed a better variety of reds and the prices were high. Next time I will find out if they have a house wine...prices for entrees were reasonable and meal did come with the very nice house salad.

          2. We'll definately go back!!!

            Went to Gusto tonight w/ husband and 2 friends. All of us had great meals. My husband had the clams in marinara sauce. They were willing to change up a bit from the menu, as he's not a fan of white sauce, which was great. Friend 1 had veal - said it was excellent and the presentation was nice! Friend 2 & I both had Penne Pasta in blush sauce w/ shitake mushrooms and prosciutto... with a touch of goat cheese on top. It was incredibly delicious with not too much sauce or cheese. ( I'm not a fan of my pasta swimming in sauce or overwhelmed with cheese.)

            All entrees come with nice size salad and our appetizer was a edemame filled ravoli in a
            light red sauce. At first I thought this was an odd pairing but it had wonderful flavor!

            Additionally, our server knew a lot about the wines offered and they had a good number of specials. Wine was $7-9 per glass, which I think is average, however I felt that the wine glass was larger than most restaurants & pours were greater as well.

            The menu is pretty diverse. There were a number of things I was interested in, and I'm a pretty pickey eater, so that's saying a lot, actually.

            We did not find the portion sizes to be small, as someone had posted previously, I believe... but, we moved here from Philadelphia/Main Line area and so we're probably just used to that.

            Lastly, our service was excellent (rec'd bread, oil, never needed a refill on water) & we were quite pleased overall, as were our friends.

            1. Been there three times with my wife. We enjoyed all our meals. Service a little shaky when they first opened, but no big deal. Very good staff. Interesting menu, nice portions, prices typical of the level of dining. Parking can be a bit of a problem at times, and the bar is small. But certainly worth the visit!