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Oct 17, 2008 08:27 AM

registry for a very small kitchen/young couple

Hi everyone- I'm new and been lurking. I'm getting married and have started to register- I've read the other other posts on the subject but was wonderring if you all had thoughts of what 2 childless (for at least a few years) semi-vegetarian new yorkers (small kitchen!) would need. I have about 6 or so good knives and everyday dishes so I'm wondering what else you all would recomend for a minimalist kitchen.

for registry purposes- I think I'd like the all clad satinless but not sure which pieces. will I really need anything very large? like 6 or 8 quarts?

also interested in maybe 1 or 2 le creuset pieces- but which ones? and is the "dune" color likely to discolor after a while?

appliances? I have a mini-prep, a toaster over, and coffee machine.

for knives- do we need a boning knife if we barely eat meat? maybe chicken or fish? i do have a wusthof sandwich knive which is what i use now.

any other must haves? or gadgets? we'll be mostly cooking for ourselves and maybe 2 other couples in NY- any other entertaining would probably be just appetizers or just deserts...

thanks! and I do really enjoy these boards and am looking forward to participating.

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  1. I would get one Dutch oven: either a 5 quart (which is probably the right size for 2 people) or a 7 quart if you feel like you'll be using it for large groups. Also I'd purchased a regular old cast iron pan - they're like gold in the kitchen.

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    1. re: beauxgoris

      thanks! the 5 sounds good for us for now- I will look at the lodge cast iron as well- they seem really popular- anythoughts on the creuset buffet casserole? looks pretty versetile but wasn't sure i'd use it like a saucepan?

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        I've been going through a similar process (small NY kitchen, too). Even though we're just two people, I can't recommend my 5.5 quart saute pan highly enough. Never a concern about space for cutlets -- the thing is awesome. The 5 quart dutch oven is perfect. No need to bother about a boning knife.

        Don't forget to register for flatware. I almost forgot that.

    2. Minimalist, okay.

      8qt stock pot (pasta)
      2-3 qt sauteuse (everything you'd use a normal pot for, plus sauces)
      1-2 qt small pot
      10-12 inch frying pan (optional, can use saute pan below instead)
      10 inch saute pan.
      square griddle (cast iron recommended, *not* grill, flat griddle).
      10 inch nonstick frypan (optional, recommended)

      knives are up to you, they don't take up much space, choose a knife holder wisely for limited space

      Bakeware - glass and aluminum 8x8, 9x13, and 4x9 loaf pans, sheet trays. All Clad has a new line of bakeware out, haven't tried it yet. Grilling / roasting pan.

      Dutch oven, yeah. Get the 7 qt, first time something won't fit in a 5 qt you'll be unhappy.

      Got a thermometer? Slicer? Grater?

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      1. re: ThreeGigs

        I don't really think you'd need a frying pan, saute pan, griddle AND omelette pan. I've lived for my entire cooking and married life both with and without kids with only one or two of those options at a time. For a long time I had only a saute pan, which I used for everything. Now I have a cast iron frying pan and an omelette pan. I think if I had my pick, though, I'd get a good sized saute pan and a fry pan. I do eggs in my cast iron all the time and it's fine. If you're tight on space, I'd only consider a griddle if you like to cook an awful lot of breakfasts. For two people, you can do a stack of pancakes without too much trouble in a saute or fry pan - it'll only take two or three batches... You can do bacon in them too. A griddle is WAY more convenient, but having lived in tiny kitchens my whole life, I find them to take up more space than they're worth.

      2. Here's an article by the "Minimalist" himself (Mark Bittman), His budget was lower than you're looking at, but it covers the types of gear needed to equip the kitchen:

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        1. re: mpalmer6c

          thanks this is really helpful! I went to the le creuset outlet to poke around- I'm going to hold out for the cherry/red but if anyone's interested at the one by me- dark green (cactus) white and dark brown were 35% off - plus there were some random items for 50% off as well (ramekins, grill plates, pitchers etc.)

        2. Definitely register for a 5 qt. Le Creuset round dutch oven. I have 4 pieces of varying sizes and the 5 qt. is BY FAR the workhorse of my kitchen. 7 qt. will be huge for you right now (I have 6 3/4 oval) and the buffet casserole is nice and I use it occasionally but the 5 qt. round has the higher sides and it is much more versatile.

          Once you have one Le Creuset you will want more, but the 5 qt. round is a great place to start.

          1. I love my panini grill and it only cost about $50. We do make sandwiches on it. But also love it for garlic bread - just brush both sides with garlic infused olive oil and put on grill for five minutes. When done, cut each slice of bread into about four or five slices. Also for croutons. Just like the garlic bread but after cooking, cut into croutons. We have two homes and I have one in each place :)