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Oct 17, 2008 07:54 AM

cooking a meal w/liquor pairings

any ideas for wonderful food/liquor pairings? looking for something beyond the typical wine/beer. I would be looking for sipping liquors or cocktails or even homemade infusions.

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  1. We love pumpkin or sweet potato pie with Woodford Reserve Bourbon

    1. Fish sauteed in butter pairs wonderfully with peaty scotch. Gin and sparkling water goes nicely with choucroute garnie.

      1. I've been seeing more hard ciders paired with various courses....there's an increasing selection of imported and boutique brands like Aspall.

        Even if the full dinner wasn't paired with hard cider....having one course paired would be interesting...

        I don't know where you're located but it also adds a nice autumn twist to the dinner.