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Oct 17, 2008 07:35 AM

Dinner for a Bachelorette Party

Hi - I am planning a Bachelorette Party for about 10 ppl on a Saturday night and I have NO idea where we should go for dinner. We're not looking for too fancy, but a little more upscale than say - Dicks Last Resort (we went there the last wedding). I would appreciate any and all suggestions!!! Thanks!!!

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  1. Tangierino, Cuchi Cuchi, Eastern Standard, Union...

    Location preference?

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    1. re: iamsam

      No preference. Limo driver goes where we tell him :)

    2. Good lord ... what ever you do, DO NOT go to Dick's. Please. I beg of you.
      You might consider Ivy, which is near some dance clubs you may choose to visit after.
      What about 28 Degrees? Or Gaslight?

        1. re: cookiezim

          And I will third it! Good idea for a bachelorette dinner. Went there awhile back for a friend's birthday with about 10 women. See if you can get the "light-up" table if you think you will all fit.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions!