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Oct 17, 2008 07:02 AM

More excellent cuisine in Toronto

Hello All....

I will be coming to Toronto on and off for the next two months for business and am looking for suggestions on more restaurants to try. I have spent about a week here up to this point and so far (using other postings here) I have had great experiences dining in Toronto and I am looking for more suggestions. I stay near the airport but am willing to explore any part of the city. I'm looking for anywhere from cheap eats up to $30-40 per person. I enjoy every kind of food and here are some of the places I've been:

Piri Piri Grill
Koreatown-(I used to live in South Korea so I have eaten at a couple of the places there...I forget which ones but they were very authentic. Always up for more suggestions of favorites)
Cafe Polonez
Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar

Things I am planning on trying:

Ethiopian (I have heard Queen of Sheeba is good)
Indian (Seems there are a ton of Indian restaurants that get high marks)

Any more suggestions or opinions would be awesome.


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  1. - Greektown might be fun. The food is admittedly not outstanding, but it's a nice experience and a good nabe for an evening stroll. I like the Parthenon, but most of the restos are quite serviceable (and I don't think they're that different).

    - I like the Ethiopian House on Irwin Street.

    - You might try something Jamaican/Caribbean but I'm drawing a blank on just where to suggest (Irie? The Real Jerk?)

    - I like Toro for Spanish tapas (and Kensington is a fun neighbourhood).

    - Rebel House is pub food with a Canadian twist and a good beer list

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      just in case your search for toro doesn't turn up much, try torito instead ;)

      i've actually found ethiopian house rather satisfying at times but the nabe for ethiopian i would say is on the west end along bloor. i'm a fan of nazareth because it's tasty and dirt cheap (platter for two is $8!) but lalibela, when on is the best for me.

      if you are near the airport... my biggest suggestion for a non sitdown but fabulous place is a-one catering. they have fantastic samosas and this paneer saag deep fried bite thing that's just so delicious.

      you might also want to get in some dim sum at the doubletree hotel out there as it's gotten rave reviews, i believe the name is grand.

      1. re: pinstripeprincess

        Yes - it's Torito (sorry!). Try Toro when you're in Boston.

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          Thanks! I went to Nazareth a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed myself. Now I honestly can't really judge Ethiopian food in terms of authenticity, but whatever we ordered was fantastic (we got one meat dish and two veggie dishes). I've had ethiopian in other cities and this was the best. Also the atmosphere was great as well as the whole look and feel of the place. One thing to remember is its cash only. However (i'm from the US here on work) they accepted US bills.

        2. re: Rabbit

          There is no restaurant called "Parthenon" on Danforth Ave. Perhaps you are thinking of Pantheon.

          The places we currently go to for Greek or Mediterranean food are:
          - Lambros
          - Lolita's Lust
          - Pantheon

          1. re: foodyDudey

            Yeah, that's it... I'm really off today.

        3. For Indian, try Exotic Indian Cuisine on Albion Rd. The food is very good, but the place always seems to be empty when I go there (for takeaway). Not much for atmosphere either.

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