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Oct 17, 2008 07:00 AM

Are stone crabs in shops yet?

I believe that stone crab season opened on the 15th, but I haven't seen any in stores yet...

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  1. I have seen them in many stores and markets. Check with your local fish market.

    1. I was a wharf rat for a few hours in the Village of Cortez yesterday (Bradenton area). At Star Fish, mediums were $14, large were $17, jumbo/colossal were $20. Next door at A.P. Bell, I bought 3 pounds of large/jumbo for $11/lb. I went in their cooler and they had a few hundred pounds in stock. The first catches were more that 50% jumbo by weight, which is a good indicator that the crabs had a healthy growth season. And there has been no adverse weather recently (vs. 2 years ago, when we had horrible weather around opening day).
      The crabbers get about $8/ lb for their catch, and Mrs. Bell told me her dilemma is how to price them retail during tough times.She said quite sincerely that they want people to be able to afford crabs. $11 for large/jumbo is a good value; my guess is that price will rise. There are enough wealthy people to buy them at high prices. (Many of the colossals typically go to Las Vegas and the Arabian peninsula). While I was having lunch at Star, a fellow bought all 50 pounds of medium and large they had, for about $800, for a Tampa Bay Rays party. Rays lost.

      1. Cox has them from 7.95-21.95.

        1. $21/lb for Jumbos at Epicure yesterday and they were deelish

          1. I bought them on Friday at Delaware Chicken Farm in Ft. Lauderdale,,,,I found them last season and they are the best...have all sizes and prices are great.