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Oct 17, 2008 06:55 AM

Turin - shops, markets


I'm going to be in Turin next week for Slow Food's Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto.

I'd like to visit any local food markets while I'm there (Wed-Mon), and also want to find a kitchen supply store. I don't want anything fancy - when I lived in Bologna, I loved visiting old and dusty shops, crowded with cooking implements from floor to ceiling, everything reasonably priced. Are there shops like this in Turin?


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  1. oh, and any store where I could buy Italian vegetable seeds would be great too.

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      1. Don''t know anything about old kitchen stuff, but if you live in the US there is an Italian seed purveyor, just google "Seeds from Italy". My wife plants her whole garden with his seeds. Also, you must visit Eatily, a short cab ride from centro. Amazing!

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          Thanks Dale, but I'm not in the States, so this is my one chance to get hold of some decent stock for my garden! Will definitely visit Eataly.

        2. If you want shopping for wine & chocolate and typical piedmont products try Migliore in VIa Bellezia 8 bis and for a restaurant L'Acino Via san Domenico near Royal Palace.(Quadrilatero Romano)
          For vegtables and fruits you can try Porta Palazzo market on Saturday the biggest in Europe.
          If you want an appointment for a little degustation write me Best Regards