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Oct 17, 2008 06:52 AM

Dinner and jazz tonight (Fr)?

I love Cornelia Street Cafe but would love to try a new spot. Someplace also with good food and music and a low key vibe. Two adults, but there's a small chance the friend's 14 year old daughter and two friends could tag along.

Any ideas?

Many thanks, Hounds!

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  1. imho much better food AND music to be had at The Jazz Standard on E. 27th Street.

    Altho they specialize in barbecue, we tend to order the excellent scallops every time!

    Excellent and affordable wine list (both bottle and glass) as well. And there's no minimum!

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    1. re: ChefJune

      Ditto but as the poster below states, it's definitely more of a serious jazz club with good food than a restaurant that just happens to have a jazz band. If you do go, the burger is excellent, as is the mac and cheese.

      If your friend's kids tag along, I'm not sure it would be appropriate (and might be out of your price range). Perhaps Arturo's on Houston? It's much more casual, family friend, and a pizza joint that just happens to have a jazz band playing.

        1. re: kathryn

          i second the rec for arturo's. great atmosphere and great staff, and they take reservations. conventional wisdom is that the pizza (get a large, as the crust on the medium is too thick) is the only thing worth ordering, but both times i've had the "hot" mussels, i've been really impressed. also, the special apps of the day tend to be pretty good. DO NOT get the hot antipasti plate, though.

      1. I like Rue B - Avenue B near 12th. Small, quaint...Usually a two man jazz band..
        Jazz Standard is nice. Only thing is you cant talk while the band is on...At least when I went you couldnt. we got yelled at serveral times, but the food is good...Downstairs from Blue Smoke.
        Blue WAter Grill also has the jazz thing going on...Downstairs as ell.

        1. Arturo's is a great call for the teenagers who will have a hard time keeping their mouth shut.

          For very good food, beautiful ambiance, and top-notch jazz, consider Lincoln Center's club, Dizzy's, in the Time Warner Building at Columbus Circle.

          1. I am a little late in replying for tonight but I really like going to Jules on St Mark's place. I went a couple of times and loved it. The food is good and not too expensive and the music is always great.

            1. i agree w/ the posters above that there is a big difference between going to a restaurant that has some jazz going on for atmosphere and going to a real jazz club...

              as a serious jazz fiend, i'd want to murder anyone who so much as stage whispered during a Kenny Barron piano solo...yet i can also appreciate the fun of having dinner&drinks w/ some jazz going as a nice live soundtrack to the evening...

              for that reason, i really don't like that some serious jazz clubs serve food (e.g. Blue Note)...for me the perfect jazz club in the world is the Village Vanguard: sets are about one hour or a little longer, and as their website states: "We do not serve food. We haven't served food here in 25 years. So if someone offers you a hamburger, check the expiration date" -- they just have booze and jazz. A perfect NY evening is to go to a 9pm show and then head out afterwards for a late supper.

              Of the choices suggested above, Arturo's sounds promising -- liked the pizza when i went there once ages ago, but never been during jazz hours...