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Oct 17, 2008 06:45 AM

Where to buy WIld Boar in LA?

HI - I am thinking of making a wild boar ragu for dinner on saturday night - where can i buy wild boar meat (cinghiale)? I am thinking of going to whole foods and then to one of the butchers at the Farmer's market on Fairfax, but would love any help from someone who knows where i can find it easily. -I live on the west side, and dont mind driving, but not too far....

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  1. Harmony Farms in La Crescenta.

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      Try ringing Bob's Market on Ocean Park around 17th. When I was in there about a year ago, I inquired about wild boar and the butcher gave me a card and told me to call a few days in advance and they would have it for me.
      The other person to call is Harvey at Harvey's Guss Meat Co. near the corner of Olympic and Ogden. He's only there until about noon.

    2. This is probably too far for a West Sider, but most of the Vietnamese supermarkets in Little Saigon carry wild boar and other exotic meats in their freezer section. The ones in the SGV might have it too.

      I'm not aware of any Viet markets in WLA, sorry.

      1. In the valley, Jim's Market on Shoup Ave should have it or know how to procure it.