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Oct 17, 2008 06:38 AM

pour spout on the wrong side of the skillet?

while looking up a skillet recommendation, i noticed the pour spout of this skillet is on the right side, as one holds it.

if one is right handed, that means you pour away from the body, holding the helper handle? is it unwieldy but safer, since you'd be forced to pour away from the body? i'd like the pour spout on the left side; it seems more natural (imo) to hold and pour that way, as a right-hander.

am i foolish to want the spout so it pours toward me (and i can see into the skillet's interior)?

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  1. It's just an artifact of how the photo was taken. If you look carefully, you'll see there's a pour spout on the other side as well. (But I agree, if there was only one, as a rightie I'd want it on the left side.)

    ETA: I know the description refers to a single spout, but if you look at the same photo on the Lodge site the second spout is more obvious.

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    1. re: FlyFish

      flyfish, i think you're right. thanks.

      do you pour toward or away from your body? pouring away always makes me think of how awkward the tv cooking show hosts appear pouring things away from their bodies and toward the camera.

      1. re: alkapal

        I agree with you - pouring toward you is much more natural.

      2. I have a Lodge skillet -- a great product. It has two spouts. I pour to the left.

        1. You are much more likely to splatter something hot on yourself when you pour toward your body. It is actually safer to pour away.

          1. My 2 cast iron skillets are the only ones with spouts (both sides). They are also among the least likely to need them. I don't cook many liquids in them. Come to think of it, most of the other pans and pots came with lids. Lids and spouts don't go together very well.

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            1. re: paulj

              ""I don't cook many liquids in them.""

              How about food grease, like from frying pork or beef?