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Restaurants that Cater - Las Vegas

I have to cater a last minute dinner this Monday evening @ 9pm for 20 people in their place of business.
I do not have an expense account ...I would like to keep it around $10-$15 a head.
The dinner is in the area of Maryland Pkwy and Sahara...(delivery is a plus!)

I was thinking Metro Pizza for Salad, Pizza, Pasta and garlic Knots.......

If anyone has any other suggestions....I am open!


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  1. I had to do this also at my job with almost the same budget. I went with Siena Deli in the shopping center at the northwest corner of Tropicana and Eastern. The food went over very well. Http://www.sienadeli.com.

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      Broadway Pizza - Rancho just north of Charleston. Far better pizza, plus they have other options as well.

      1. re: Friend of Bill

        I second Broadway. In addition, they also deliver. Their pizza is much better than Metro' s.

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          I called Siena Deli...they were very accomodating and worked within my limited budget!

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        Thank you! Siena Deli was a Hit!

        I received a call today from my customer in Vegas...they raved about the food. The Head of the dept...wanted to know where I ordered from as he is going to plan a dinner with all the dept. managers and would like to have Siena cater....everything was perfect!

        I will definitely be visiting Siena Deli again......next Visit to Vegas!

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          Glad to hear that. This one of my favorite places. They bake their own bread and also have great sandwiches (including chicken park and eggplant parm). They also have a lot of imported cold cuts. They are now open a few nights a week for dinner. They also will make a lot of their catering food uncooked so you can cook it later. I've done this with their lasagna, baked ziti and Sicilian chicken (my favorite).
          They are also open for lunch.

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            I ordered a full tray of Baked Ziti, Garlic bread, meatballs and a large antipasto salad.....it was all amazing.
            I will be back in town in a few weeks....i need to add Siena to my lunch rotation!
            I can't wait to try the Eggplant Parm!


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              Chicken park = chicken parm?

              How would you compare Siena to Rocco's

              1. re: Dave Feldman

                I meant chicken parm. Roccos and Siena Deli are very different. Siena tends to be very Sicilian (including their pizza). Siena has a smaller sandwich menu but will make any sandwich to order upon request. Siena does not have all the "funky" sandwiches, calzones, strombolllis that Roccos has. Siena has different entrees from Roccos. The food at both Siena and Roccos are different but equally as good. Siena has a much bigger market. I have not had the pizza at Siena as it is Sicilian and I like Neopolitan pizza.

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                  Thanks, Eric. I've never heard of Siena's. It would seem like a great alternative for informal parties of all kinds.

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                    They also have a lot of seating in the restaurant, more than Roccos (which is not hard). It is a nice place for a casual lunch or dinner.

                    1. re: Eric

                      I noticed a large patio outside as well...perfect for this time of year!