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Oct 17, 2008 05:03 AM

kid friendly in the North End

We wanted to go to the North End tonight with my parents from out of town and my 2 year old. Any suggestions beyond pizza?

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  1. Artu's is very much child friendly, with options other than pizza. The only drawback about Artu is that some people are not comfortable having to walk through the bar area to get to the dining room.

    1. We have taken our now 4.5 year old daughter to Maurizio's a number of times and have always felt welcome. That said, we go no later than 5:30 so that it's not quite as crowded and so as not to be disruptive to adult-only diners. It helps to have a reservation as the space is small and it's pretty popular. My daughter loves the zucchini appetizer and the ravioli with mushroom cream sauce. And an Aranciata to drink -- she thinks that's a real treat!

      1. We used to go to G'vanni's with our son but it's been a while. I bought a jar of their red sauce recently and it was delicious.