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Oct 16, 2008 11:39 PM

BBQ near Penn Station


I'm going through NYC, from Canada, for a 2.5 hour stopover at Penn Station. I've been watching a lot Food Network lately and am very interested in the whole Smoked Brisket idea, which I have never tried. I also like pulled pork sandwiches but have only had a chance to try it in Canada and a Hard Rock Cafe in Asia. So I'm looking for a combo plate or sandwich. Based on Google maps, it seems the closest options are:


Of these three, which would you recommend? And is there anything better but just as close that is off Google's radar. I don't mind dirty hole-in-the-wall type places.

One more question, all the plates seems to come with one or 2 sides. What sides are recommended?

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  1. Hill Country, about a 10 minute walk from Penn (30 West 26th St), for sides, depends on what you like...I'm a mac and cheese addict, there's is good, so are the beans, slaw, etc.

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      Yes. For brisket, you need to go somewhere that's more Texas style BBQ and Hill Country is quite good. The atmosphere is interesting and very much a clone of what you're find in the actual rural hill country of Texas. Focus is on brisket, ribs (pork and beef), no pulled pork (that's Carolinian). They do have a few other specialty items like beer can chicken.

      You're paying for BBQ by the pound at a counter, which is handed to you, grease and all on butcher paper. No utensils. Paper towel rolls on the tables. I think sides are separate though, and a big portion if you're just one person. The only "for one" sized platter they have is a combination of many different types of meat.

    2. Brother Jimmy's is right outside Penn, but I would aviod anything within spitting distance of Penn (way to crowded; not the best quality either).... you can walk about 10 blocks downtown to R.U.B (righteous urban barbeque)
      208 West 23rd.

      1. Blue Smoke, which is just about 15 minute cab ride east, has good BBQ items.

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          agreed...must try the homemade BBQ chips with blue cheese dipping sauce.

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            I think Blue Smoke is known more for their ribs and pulled pork than brisket though. I do like their pulled pork a lot but the coleslaw is definitely nontraditional (has a bit of an Asian accent with the sesame seeds IIRC).

          2. I'd go to RUB, which is only one stop away on the subway -- you could even walk it. Haven't been to Hill Country but I hear good things.

            1. I would definitely recommend either Hill Country or R.U.B. as others have. Blue Smoke is okay, but it's a little too fancy/polished for me to feel like it's "credible." I've been there a number of times and come away feeling like I just paid for Haute-BBQ.

              Hill Country's definitely not a hole in the wall. In fact I'm surprised Google didn't find it for you. It's about a year and a half old and very popular.