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Oct 16, 2008 09:40 PM

Disney Food and Wine Festical at Epcot

Gonna be there this weekend. Any suggestions or must-try foods from those that have been there this year already?

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    1. re: rudykins

      We've been for the past three years.....And it's's's not awesome.....The biggest problem is that it's HOT at EPCOT this time of the year....and when you're walking around....then standing in lines to get the're hot and sweat....and it's not conducise....Of couse if you go later in the afternoon or early's not as bad and it took one trip to figure that out!!....(DUH!).....That said....if you spend the extra money to go the private party that's held on Saturday nights during the Festival at will enjoy yourself immensely!!.....It's what the SOBE WFF was but no longer is.....I highly recommend the Saturday night party......