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Oct 16, 2008 08:41 PM

Beef tongue

Posted this on the local board but thought i'd see if anyone knew here either...

Ok, so I am a culinary student and I don't know how to do this so hopefully someone out there will.

I really love beef tongue and have enjoyed it since I was a kid. I am planning on smoking this one I just got and i know how to brine it, poach it, skin it and smoke it but I don't have any idea how to clean it...
I know that after you peel the skin your supposed to remove the glands so I got rid of these big fatty things that ran on both sides of the underside of the tongue... are those the glands? is that all I have to do before I smoke it?! please help!


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  1. i just cook tongue usually by Julia Child's recipe. Does nyone know where to find tongue in Rhode Island? I saw some but it was imported from China. I need fresh tongue.

    It is wonderful. thanks

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      Have you tried posting on the New England board? Here in Manhattan a number of Italian and Latin butchers carry it.