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Oct 16, 2008 06:21 PM

Gourmet's 8 Great lobster rolls in Boston


Me thinks they read Chowhound for the top contenders at least!

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  1. Thoughts on the lobster sandwich at Alice & Kicking? It's within range for lunch -- should I try it?

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      Good info:

      I'm a fan because it's different than the typical NE Lobster Roll on a hot dog bun. They don't always have them available so I would call before heading over. Last time I went, they ran out.

    2. I dunno. You'd pretty much get the same response from Globe or Phoenix reviews, Phantom Gourmet, Citysearch, or the average man on the street. These aren't exactly big secrets. Not that CH has the market cornered on secret food sources.

      1. I made the trek up to Kelly's on Revere Beach today for what I consider the best roll for the price. Loads of un chopped fresh tasting meat, warm buttered hot dog roll and light on the mayo. Pickle and chips. $17

        I'm not a fan of the brioche roll at Nepturne and I think B&G's is a total ripoff in general as evidenced by the average tasting roll at $30. Can't comment on the others on Gourmets list.

        1. The Alive and Kicking lobster sandwich is delicious!! I was this list and decided to try it yesterday - it has only a little mayo and the sweet succulent lobster is plentiful and you can really appreciate the taste of the lobster. It's on this buttered toast. SO good. You've got to try it!

          1. I must agree with Monty who wrote that B&G is a total rip-off when it comes to their lobster roll. I work and live in the neighborhood and really like B&G and used to count it as one of my favorite lunch treats, but I almost flipped when I didn't see the increase on the lobster roll. My lobster roll cost $29...I was there for a friday lunch...crazy, yes...We all walked out of there saying how sad it was that we wouldn't be going back anytime soon.
            It didn't help that I had tried B. Lynch's new bar, Drink, this week. Like all of her restaurants, Very cool atmosphere but they do not use menus (gimmick). When I asked for a red wine (I didn't have a price list), they chose for me a wine that was $19 a glass...what?! I am afraid this sort of stuff is normal for her restaurants now. I give her Stir classes as gifts and go from time to time...not now, they are on average $140 each. Sad...