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Oct 16, 2008 05:47 PM

BYO in Buckingham/Lahaska area

Any recs for a BYO in the above mentioned area? We're pretty flexible in terms of cuisine, but would like to stay within a reasonable driving distance (New Hope is too far).


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  1. I don't know the area that well but one place that comes to mind is JustEat by BrownGold in Buckingham.

      1. Justeat by Browngold is great and there is a state store right next to them. If you want Italian there is a good byob in Lahaska called Villagio in the outlet center across from peddlers village

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          Thanks for the replies. JustEat looks intriguing so we may go there.

          1. re: mitchh

            I've been to JE by BG probably 20 times since it opened and while it's one of the better BYOB's in the area (good to very good food and not too noisy), it's gotten a bit pricey. We don't go very often because cost-wise it's not so different from some of our special occasion restaurants. However, to put things into perspective, we went there mid-week for our 25th anniversary with a phenomenal bottle of wine, and were not disappointed. Go to their web site and see what you think of their prices.

            1. re: george2

              At Just Eat, Mark has in my opinion upgraded his ingredients buying as much from local producers, organic farmers etc. But it effects the prices.

              If you want slightly less expensive food, you can order from their bistro menu. They also have a changing three course special for 30 dollars that is now available every day of the week.

              The food is mostly cooked in a wood oven or on a wood stove, infusing a lot of the food with the smokiness you get from the wood smoke.

              Another place to consider for indian food in Lahaska is Cross Cultures. Its BYO and has ok indian food.

              I personally do not like Villagio. It changed hands a few years ago and do not think it kept its quality. If you are willing to drive to Doylestown, Domani Star is BYO and a better italian restaurant.