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Oct 16, 2008 04:57 PM

Cheap Spices in West LA/SM/Venice?

Does anyone know of a supermarket or ethnic foods store where I can get inexpensive herbs/spices? I am looking specifically for turmeric, chili powder, cumin seed, smoked paprika, mustard seed, regular paprika, coriander, and bay leaves. I know these are widely available, just looking for a good deal. Bonus if I can also get garam masala, harissa, and za'atar. Bulk is fine. Ideally westwood/west la/santa monica/venice. Thanks!

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  1. Inexpensive does not necessarily mean good. The best spices are going to come from somewhere like Penzey's (storefront in Torrance, but available by mail order). Amazingly good and fresh spices, and I think quite reasonable, but it depends on what you consider to be inexpensive. Or, for bulk, try the Santa Monica Co-op at 1525 Broadway.

    1525 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404

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      I second the Co-Op. While the spices are in bulk size containers, you can take as much or as little as you need, which is really economical. Sold by weight based on how much you fill each plastic bag with.

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        Thanks these are great suggestions! . . . dont I have to be a member to shop at the co-op though?

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          No, you don't have to be a member to shop there. If you are, you get a discount on everything you purchase. I think it's 5%...

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            Really?! I've been by this place many times but never stopped in because I figured you had to be a member. Thanks for the info!

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          Well, I went to the co-op yesterday all excited to get some bulk spices, but when I got there they did not have any spices in bulk . . . grains, dried fruits, legumes, snacks, candies, flours, etc etc, all there in the bulk foods section but certainly no spices. Was I looking in the wrong place? I think I searched the whole store . . ..

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            there's a small free-standing display in the back of the store [sort of central, between the paper goods aisle & the freezers along the back wall]. that's where you'll find the bulk spices. the jars are lined up along the shelves. you should have asked someone! they're very helpful there.

            the other 2 places that carry bulk spices are Erewhon and Rainbow Acres.

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              I checked out the bulk spices at the Santa Monica Co-Op last Friday. I was very pleased. They have one kiosk near the back with several rows of large jars. You take one of the little zip-top baggies, use a stick-on label to write the number of the spice, and use a scoop to put as much as you want into the bag. I got a couple of nutmeg nuts, some dried thyme, and some crushed red pepper. At a grocery, the nutmeg alone would probably have been three bucks. Total at the Co-Op -- sixty cents! I'll be back.

              1. re: nosh

                Just went to the Co-op on Friday and picked up everything I needed - decent quantities of 11 different kinds of spices for less than $8! Fantastic, I've definitely found a new favorite spot! Thanks for the tips everyone.

                1. re: Cebca

                  so glad you found what you needed!

                  i miss shopping there. sigh.

      2. another suggestion if quality is important - Surfas in Culver City. they're certainly not the cheapest & they don't sell them in bulk, but they do have some in restaurant-sized containers, and they carry the less common ones like za'atar, harissa & pimenton de la vera.

          1. Smart & Final
            Jons Market (LaBrea & Fountain) not east side, but........
            Zahtar Market on Sunset, just west of Normadie, in a strip mall, they should have everything

            1. On Venice Blvd just west of Overland is a Middle Eastern/Indian market with a great selection of spices. It's on the north side of the street in the same building as Coppelia's bakery by Cafe Brasil. They have all of the ones you mention above. Jordan Market on Westwood just north of Ohio has all the ones you mention as well. Both places are very reasonable priced.

              On Washington, Samosa House has a pretty good selection of spices but I doubt they carry za'atar or harissa.