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Oct 16, 2008 04:55 PM

Culinary Walking Tours

Any good ones to recommend? Thanks.

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  1. I did one last March called Foods of NY. They offer a couple of tours. The most popular is the Greenwich village one but I would recommend the Greenwich village/Soho one. It is a little less popular but I think that you discover more different foods than the other one. You eat Indian, Jamaican, middle eastern, you sit down in an Italian restaurant if you are a small group, we stopped by for a micro-brew, we stopped at a couple of shops where I ate the best soppraseta (not sure of the spelling) and the best fresh mozzarella. The tour guide, Raheem, was excellent and since it was a slow time of year we were 4 women with the tour guide. We had lots of fun! He also does a Chinatown tour and I intend on doing it when I go back to NY because it is a part of town that is hard if you don,t know anything. It is more expensive but it seems worth it. It is one of the most fun things I did while in NY and I have been 15 times!

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      Here's the link to their site:

      I've not been on one - but I imagine those are the groups I see starting out in front of Murrays on Saturday mornings. Here's a list of some of my favorite chowish (non restaurant) places in Greenwich Village/Soho, as well as some Chinatown shopping:

      Also, you may want to look into poster RGR's self guided LES tour - I'll try to find a link for you.

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        Thanks for mentioning my self-guided LES tour, MMRuth. Here's a link:

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          Thanks - I'm going to bookmark it right now!

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        Agreed, Raheem runs a really great tour.

        My wife has been on most of the big food tours in NYC (she runs a NY for visitors web site), and she really likes the Foods of NY tours. She dragged me along to their sushi tour (more of a walk-through sushi 101 at a single restaurant) last week. It was really enjoyable, and I learned quite a few things about sushi I didn't know... Raheem was a pretty fantastic guide.

        Based on that tour, and the wife's raves about their other tours, I'd definitely consider using these guys for your geeky-food-tour needs.

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