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Oct 16, 2008 04:32 PM

Trobiano's closed by the state tax authorities

As I drove by an hour ago I saw big orange stickers on the windows, closer inspection revealed that they had been seized for not paying taxes. Gordon Ramsey was to little to late. Always sad to see a small business close.I tried to go for dinner two Sundays ago and they were closed for a family event, it seemed odd that they would close the entire restaurant on a busy night, maybe they knew the end was near.

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  1. >>they knew the end was near.

    Not paying taxes will do that to you.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. The trainwreck nature of the restaurants chosen by Ramsey for Kitchen Nightmares make his efforts seem almost suicidal. Makes for great restaurant reality TV though.
        Depite the fact that the arc of the show is predictable and inevitable I still find it rivetting, especially if it's a local tristate restaurant.

        Here's the Trobiano's show in it's entirety:

        1. I know the family personally and they are good people. It's very sad to see this happen. They were excited at the possibility of this bringing them in business. They were struggling for a long time. The location is not the greatest. It's not in the town of Great Neck like the show made it seem, but on the outskirts away from the action. It sucks because their food was very good. The funny thing is, the one thing Ramsey complained about--the chicken wrapped shrimp--was delicious. It was probably their best dish! They had to wait a long time for this thing to air and they just couldn't do it. I heard they were closing last week but they didn't say it was tax related. They just said they couldn't do it anymore. I wish them all luck and hope that they can re-open one day at a better location!

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            You are right that the location is not great as it is not within walking distance of the main part of town but there are a handful of places further north that have flourished for many years. The biggest problem was that the food was just not that good pre Ramsey. I never heard anyone speak well of the food. I do have one question, was the restaurant in any way contractually prevented from informing the public that they had been part of the series? If they had made an effort to inform the public, people would have tried them out months ago. About a week before the show they hung a small banner outside the restaurant announcing that they would be on tv the following week. They did little to capitalise on their fifteen minutes of fame.

            1. re: stuartlafonda

              Ramsey did a filming in Stamford several months ago and some of the CHers were in the audience and posted on the boards here. Still have not seen the airing.

              No matter how hard people try, filling out and paying that monthly 6-8.25% sales tax check to the state always hurts, even though the money was never yours. It's hard not using the money for operating expenses.

              Jfood never likes to see people close shop and lose.

              Hopefully they have another fight in them.

              1. re: jfood

                Not paying taxes when due is simply indicative of running a business with your eyes closed. Period. If you can't make your restaurant turn enough profit to cover expenses -- ALL your expenses! -- then you are on a fast train heading for a train wreck. You need to either get off, or change direction. Anything else is just living in denial, and does a harsh disservice to all those who depend upon you for their pay checks etc.

                "It's hard not using the money for operating expenses." Boy, are you in the wrong business.

          2. I wanted to know what happened to the Parents. Did they lose their home? She still dating that loser... 6 years dating and what no proposal ... Parents were stupid though for doing it just for a boyfriend...