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Oct 16, 2008 04:18 PM

Birthday restaurant challenge

Ok, I signed up just to ask for suggestions, because it looks like you all know what you're doing, and I'm driving myself nuts trying to find a restaurant for my husband's birthday.

We will have a group of 6-10 people. He hosted my birthday at The Slanted Door, which worked well as we were able to share dishes.

I'd love to keep the price under or around $50 pp including drinks. I tried Nopa, but they are already booked, since it's only two weeks away.

Please help!

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  1. If you love seafood, give La Mar a ring. It's new, and some have called it the Peruvian Slanted Door. Reasons I love La Mar

    -gorgeous space. Bright, airy, cheerful, casual enough for jeans but nice enough for a special occassion
    -lovely service. Our server was extremely knowledgeable about exactly what was in every dish, to the point of knowing exactly which sauces had dairy and being able to name the creamy ingredient in sauces that he said had no dairy (my friend is lactose intolerant).
    -delicious food. I love Fresca, and I've enjoyed meals at Mochica and to a lesser extent Limon, but La Mar blows all of them out of the water. If you like ceviche or grilled octopus you have to go
    -pisco sour. A frothy, tangy, $9 treat

    I've been once and my husband's been twice for lunch, and both times it was about $30 before tax, tip, or alcohol. I believe dinner pricing's the same, which should bring you up to around $50.

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      Thank you very much for this suggestion. I think I would LOVE this place, and I hadn't heard of it yet. My husband on the other hand, probably isn't one for ceviche unfortunately. We'll try it, but maybe not for his birthday.

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        What other restaurants do you enjoy? You'll get more responses if people know what kinds of places you like besides Slanted Door, and which ones you've been to already.

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      1. How about Bar Bambino? They have a lovely large wooden table in the back near the entrance to the patio that is used as a communal table, but with that many people you'll be able to take over the whole thing.

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          Just ate there last night at aforementioned big wooden table in back. I love that place!

          From where we sat, there's a view of the patio and it's semi-private (although there was a lot of dish breaking going on quite near us at the serving station.) I'm not sure, but the restaurant may save that table for communal walk-in dining, but who the hell knows. Give a call! (Patio was booked solid for the night, btw).

          Fabulous food at reasonable prices. We enjoyed the lamb stew pasta (more like rigatoni with an arrabiata sauce that contained ground lamb ) and seafood stew (looks small but is filling and tastes wonderful). Antipasto misto was great too: conserved tuna, red bell peppers and AMAZING marinated artichoke hearts. Side of shelling beans with rosemary was delicious.

          If you stick to pastas ($15 each) and starters ($8-$12?), you will make your budget. Wine list is great but buy by the bottle to save $.

          Happy eating!

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