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Oct 16, 2008 03:46 PM

Who's hitting the Wellfleet Oyster Festival this weekend?

Yummm, can' t wait for all those oysters and other great seafood dishes. We had a fantastic chowder and bisque last year.

Who's going??

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  1. My sister-in-law is a year-round resident and we went the very first year (maybe 6 yrs ago?)--I think we were the only non-locals there! There were maybe 200 people there, tops.

    At that one, they offered an all you could eat deal, for $7!!! the food was donated and prepared by local restaurants, and the proceeds went to a local scholarship fund. It was all held at Mayo beach, and the playground across the street. They had waiter/waitress relay events, I think a local talent show, a shucking contest, etc. It was a wonderful day. DH and I wound up in the Wellfleet guide the following year, in a picture promoting the event.

    Imagine our surprise when we returned 2 years later and the local, home-town celebration had turned into something quite different. More commercial, less home-towny. The location had moved to Main St, and it was absolutely mobbed. the only thing that remained was the shucking contest.

    If I had only been to the second one, I might be headed up there this weekend; however it was so different from its origins, and our experience the first time that I think we will pass...

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      I prefer to get my oysters off site..too many people..

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        Can you get a great price off site too? I agree that it's crowded but like all good things, the masses find out and it continues to grow, grow grow - great for local businesses that I'm sure do fantasticly better then years ago when it was small.

        We go to this crawfish festival (only 2nd year) but it started in a guys backyard 18 years ago, now takes up an entire fairground and 4 stages for music. For the most part, growth is good - I most likely wouldn't have been invited back 18 years ago, since I travel from ma. to NJ for this event (now that it's big). :-)

    2. Lex, Harvest Wine Bar and Art Gallery has E. Dennis Oysters (cultivated) for .99 each every Friday night when the month ends with the letter "r". That's where I am headed next Friday.