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Oct 16, 2008 02:29 PM

Milwaukee in October

Not sure if there's an old thread on this...but will have a group of 8 total up for the weekend and we'll be heading into Milwaukee on Saturday. Looking for fun places to go during the day for eats and activities. I'm new to the area so only know of a couple places but none too special. Any ideas? The crowd is early 30's, fun crowd. Thanks!~

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  1. During the day you should go to the Milwaukee Art Museum. The Calatrava addition is fantastic. The Riverwalk is great if the weather is good. There area all kinds of restaurants along the way. The Third Ward has fantastic shopping , The Milwaukee Public Market is there along with a lot of restaurants. You can check for happenings this weekend. The Shepard Express, a weekly paper also lists what's going on.

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      Thanks for the comments. I've only been down to the Third Ward a couple of times but love it, that may be a good starting point. Thanks!

    2. I have many, many favorites in Milwaukee ... Milwaukee is one of the most (if not the most) under-rated dining city in the country. Lake Park Bistro is consistantly wonderful. Nanakusa (sp?) in the Third Ward is delicious Japanese food ... honestly some of the best Sushi and Sushimi I have had anywhere in the country. I have had some very memorable meals at Croquet Cafe, which is also in the Third Ward. The Public Market is fantastic. One of my favorite "foodie" experiences in Milwaukee is to go to the Public Market and let whatever looks delicious dictate my menu for the evening. For dessert I reccomend Polaris the restaurant on top of the Hyatt. The food is just so-so, but for out-of-towners, it's definitely worth the experience to be able to see all of downtown Milwaukee from above it. Metro Cafe for atmosphere exclusively is also wonderful.

      I'm not sure how willing you are to travel outside Milwaukee proper, but the burbs offer some great restaurants as well. I have never been dissapointed at Eddie Martini's, the meal I had at Weisberger's in Waukesha is the best meal I have ever had in Wisconsin, one I will never forget. Mitchell's in Brookfield is quite good and there is a place on Pewaukee lake called Fishbones that is absolutely outstanding. I could go on and on and on. Milwaukee is so fantastic for a foodie if you just give it a real chance. I hope that helped, please let me know if you need any other info, I could go on and on and on.

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        This is an absolutely terrific list! We're are willing to go out to the burbs, in fact we live just outside of MKE so that would be nice. It's nice to have some suggestions for places to go even when company is not here so I'll have to start knocking these off my list. We like trying different places but Nanakusa will have to be towards the top along with Weisberger's. Thanks for the input, I'll have to see what the consensus from the group is on food type and then give it a go.

      2. You mention you're a fun group, then you MUST head over to Lakefront Brewery and take the tour. The guides are informative, laid back and hilarious.... cool atmosphere and the beer is great! For $6 you get to sample 4 - 6oz pours of your choice throughout the duration of the tour, a really nice pint glass at the end, and a token for a free pint of Lakefront beer at your choice of several fun local bars. The Wicked Hop in the Third Ward is on the list of places to use your token so you could either grab lunch there or hit up some of the other places suggested in this thread.. all good ones I might add. Just one correction, it's the Coquette Cafe :)

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          I second the Lakefront Brewery tour!! Big, big, big fun!

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            Third for Lakefront. Also, Sprecher is good to, but has more families, lasts longer, and results in less beer than Lakefront. A fun place to eat is the Safehouse. Look for The Newsroom (Wells and Water) across from the Pabst theater. The Safehouse is in the alley behind the news room with a sign reading International exports. There's also a secret entrance in the Newsroom.... Bring a quarter with you, and find the phonebooth to leave. Don't remember the food as being spectacular, but there's an amazing amount of spy-themed ambiance.

            La Perla on National has great shredded chicken chimichangas and more tequila than you can handle. I'd comment on the rest of their food, but the chimis were so good, they were all I'd ever get. The "smaller" pair of chimis is moe than enough for one person. Hmmm...I need to visit Milwaukee again.

          2. If you are looking for a great restaurant experience (if your trip hasn't already happened!) head to Bosley on Brady ( It's earned all the kudos that a great restaurant in a big city should (but in Milwaukee!), including praise from Zagat, but you should experience the extraordinary warmth of the restaurant. Bosley has the taste of the Florida Keys and American cuisine. Last night I ate a blackened seafood platter, perfect ribeye and frozen key lime pie - Bosley hits the target every time.

            1. Along with Bosley on Brady there are a number of either good or excellent places on Brady st. Like the 3rd ward, Brady st. is a thriving commercial and entertainment area.


              Cempazuchi has excellent Mexican beyond the usual. Glorioso's has good sandwiches to go, not Chicago quality Italian beef, but good. Zaffiro's for good very thin crust pizza, and though I haven't been personally, people have recommended the Hi Hat for brunch.