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Oct 16, 2008 02:17 PM

Cider Donuts in St. Louis?

Does anyone know if cider donuts are available anywhere in St. Louis and, if so, where?


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  1. OK, I'll bite - what is a "Cider Donut"

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    1. re: jberendzen

      To the best of my knowledge a cider doughnut is a cake doughnut with apple cider in the recipe. Not sure if any bakeries here carry them.

    2. If anybody would know it would be Ekert's, 314-729-7631.

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      1. I just did a sweep of donut spots for my new blog: and did not come across any cider donuts. Last time I had some I was outside of Ann Arbor, MI on an apple orchard. They were very good and I just assume that they added some cider to the batter. The glaze was what really made these ones, though.

        I met a lot of very nice owners of donut shops and you could probably put in a request and see what some donut stores say. I'd try talking to John and John Donut on S. Broadway and see if he'd have any interest.

        Check out the post on donuts for more info.