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Oct 16, 2008 01:53 PM

Saturday Brunch at Bouchon - Review w/pic (Las Vegas)

Gee, it’s been ages since I’ve posted a review on Chowhound. I guess I’m too busy eating in Vegas !
I had a couple college buddies in town this last weekend. I got lucky arranging a comped room for them at Venetian. When checking them in and checking out the room ( I’ve never stayed at Venetian, enjoyed a weekday jaunt at Palazzo but never hit the mothership ! ) their room was in the Venezia Tower which means it’s a stones throw from Bouchon.
Sadly, my buddies aren’t the foodie types (as an example, my one friend enjoys the coffee shop at the wild, wild west casino - ok, I like it, too.) but I figured , tough cookies, we are gonna hit Bouchon for brunch and they are gonna like it !!
Saturday brunch at Bouchon after a late nite of Vegas “activities” is a welcome reprieve. Even though the restaurant was busy ( about ½ hour wait to get a table ) the overall vibe is relaxing.
We decide to start with some pastries and of course, COFFEE ! We opt to have the server make the selections for us. A raspberry coffee cakish pastry, a chocolate croissant, a regular croissant and the server brought us complementary what I’ll call, mini - beignets . I went with the croissant – perfect ! tried a little nibble of the others, again, amazing ! and the coffee, I’m not a coffee snob, in fact, basically started drinking coffee when I moved to Vegas, this is definitely one of the better cups of java I’ve tried.
My two buddies order the same thing( I gave them a glare hoping they might order different items for the sake of variety ) – the chef special omelet ( it had sausage in it – I believe Italian ) I went with one of the other specials – the crab gratin. My roomie ordered the french toast with a side of bananas.
Sad to say, the only pic taken by my roomie – the gratin.
The omelet’s looked perfect and given the 30 seconds it took both my buddies to inhale them, they tasted good, too !
The french toast – I commented on this in another thread, I’m sorry, it ain’t “french toast” it’s french toast “inspired” bread pudding ! It does taste great but my spin – it’s a dessert.
The gratin – amazing flavors but very rich. It has a very heavy cream base to it. I was completely stuffed but I had to try a lil nibble of the mini-french baquettes provided with our breakfast – I wish I was still hungry because the bread was simply devine.
The serivice was impeccable.

Total cost for 4 ( including beverages ) - $127.

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  1. We had brunch at Bouchon on Sunday and also had the crab gratin, which was, indeed, rich. Has that become a bad thing? Also satisfying were the salmon rillettes as an appetizer and the foie gras, which is not listed on the menu, but provided upon request.
    Other members of our group enjoyed the special spinach quiche and the steak and eggs. We were all delighted with our brunch.

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        geez - i'm rusty on attaching pics. i've done it before - honest !!

        here's my photobucket link. geez !

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