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Oct 16, 2008 01:52 PM

Cheapest place for live local lobster

Can someone tell me where I can buy live local lobster for the lowest price? I live in mid-LA. Thanks!

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  1. Usually any 99 Ranch market stores.....

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      1. re: jkao1817

        99 Ranch is good. I also heard How's has great live lobster specials around father's day.

        1. re: Pinkayaker

          Usually 99 Ranch only carries Maine lobster. I have only seen the store in Alhambra carrying local lobster. I just found some at Pacific Fresh Fish in Downtown for $13.95/lbs. Gonna head there this Saturday.

          1. re: kuishinbow

            The 99 Ranch in Rowland Heigts and West Covina carries both. But kinda far from you!

            1. re: kuishinbow

              Seawin is around the corner on Stanford near 5th. $12.75 lb

              1. re: russkar

                Is Seawin open to the public? If so, do you know what their hours are?

                1. re: carln

                  Seawin is open to the public but is closed on saturday. Bummer.

                  1. re: kuishinbow

                    Went to Pacific Fresh Seafood on Saturday and got live spiny lobster for $12.95 a pound. They take cash only so take note! The price seems to vary from day-to-day so call several places and shop around.

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