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Oct 16, 2008 01:45 PM

Quick NoHo/EastHo rpt: Apollo,Circa, GreenSt.

This business trip cost me 2-3 pounds. No matter how much I run (and NoHo is a great place to run) I can't burn this many calories:

Green Street Cafe - Bread w/ good quality chopped olives. VERY nice moules , tiny ones, in a broth w/ minced fennel and carrot...I would have prefered less cream in the broth , but that's nitpicking. Cardoon and mushroom risotto very nice, plain green salad - a little too sharp vinaigrette. Goat cheese cheese cake w/ redwine/blueberry sauce was superb. Limited wines by the glass, but very interesting and good.

Circa - Paid $3 for the bread basket, beet salad w/ delicious goat cheese, great dressing, candied nuts, greens...excellent salad. ricotta raviloi w/ brown butter, squash, biscotti. very nice, squash needed seasoning. Very nice pinot blanc by the glass. ($10, though) Skipped dessert.

Herrels - stood in line, got coffee ice's good, but I've had better

Apollo Grille - two lunches, both very nice:
1. crab cake w/ avacado tarter sauce, tomato-rice, green beans, tiny sweet potato chips...a very well thought out and executed dish.
2. lamb kebob w/ hummus, pita chips, greek salad. The lamb was rare, and very good...kind of a surrpise, honestly.

Mt. Joe Coffee - very good coffee for a little drive through hut
free breakfast at Hotel Northampton - miserable
Woodstar Cafe - bad choice, as corporate as a Panera, surprising to see in NoHo, and some of the worst coffee ever. Should have gone to Starbucks.

Except for that last, a great 3 days that I'm paying for now.

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  1. danna:

    thanks for the report. apollo grill can be hit or miss, but it's nice when it's on. for coffee, next time, i suggest hitting northampton coffee, south on pleasant street. an excellent brew. very little in the way of food, but the coffee is great. and if you were wending to easthampton, the silver spoon is an excellent greasy spoon style breakfast place. their specials are always great. other than that, the only breakfast spot i could resommend offhand would be essalon in hadley on route 9.

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    1. re: fatheryod

      you know, I saw Northhampton Coffee on the way out of town and actually considered throwing the recently acquired coffee in the trash and trying again...but decided to show some small measure of fiscal (and general) discipline. I'll try to remember that for next time. Seems I had read there was a wood fired bakery in town somewhere (I like bread for breakfast) but could not remember the name. Thanks.

      1. re: danna

        The wood fired bakery is Hungry Ghost, it's on State Street a block off Main.