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Oct 16, 2008 01:07 PM

Foodies visiting wineries in Plymouth CA

We are traveling to Amador County/Plymouth CA later this month to visit a winery in the area. Any restaurant recommendations?


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  1. You probably should post this on the California board, as Amador County is a good distance from the SF Bay Area.

    1. This comes from a California board search.

      Plymouth to Sutter Creek about 9 miles.

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        OK Thanks- I'll post on the other board.

      2. We visited that area in August. The restaurant that was mentioned again and again to us was Taste in Plymouth. We didn't go there, however. In Sutter Creek, there's Caffe via D'Oro, which is where we ended up for dinner. Was pretty good; not Italian like its name hints, but more CA influenced food. The other restaurant in Sutter Creek that folks were talking up and that we should have gone to is Susan's Place. The Imperial Hotel in Amador City has a restaurant and often has winemaker dinners. Not much else happening in that area food-wise. The "link to a place" option doesn't seem to work, so here's the url's:

        1. Across the street from Taste is a sandwich shop that has lovely sandwiches and things for your winery picnic. Their hours and days open vary, so you might want to swing by in advance to check it out.

          1. After enjoying many excellent meals, we have decided Taste is one of the best restaurants in the Sacramento area. Incahoots serves tasty BBQ. They have a sampler plate for 2 that can feed the two of us for 2 or 3 meals. We especially like the BBQ hot links. Amador Vintage Market (the sandwich shop?) is an excellent Italian deli. There is a breakfast place at the main intersection with Hwy 49 that's been recommended to us but we haven't tested it yet.