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Oct 16, 2008 01:04 PM

"Boutique" Sodas in Boston?

Is there a place anyone would suggest to buy such small batch sodas as Bundaberg Ginger Beer, and other funky stuff like that?

THanks in advance,

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  1. Mercury soda seems kind of boutique.

    1. Whole foods has a lot of interesting sodas. There is a brand called Kristal that has an excellent pear soda with hints of vanilla. They have many other flavors like black currant and different citrus blends. It's very good. They also sell Tommy's naked soda which is delicious too. I love their clearly cream soda. They have a few different flavors. 365 brand tangerine and pink grapefruit soda sold at Whole Foods is really good too.

      1. Mike & Patty's in Bay Village carries Maine Root sodas, organic and cane-sweetened, very nice.

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          I just got some Maine Root at Whole Foods, too.

        2. Harpoon Brewing makes a root beer and an orange creamsicle - and maybe something else.

          1. Real Pizza on Huron Ave. in Cambridge used to have homemade Italian sodas. They mixed various flavors of cane sugar syrup with soda water. Albeit, I think they shut their doors. Whole Foods, Savenors and Formaggio Kitchen will have some boutique sodas.

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              Love the GuS at Whole Foods. Grown up Sodas....

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                Some coffee shops will make you Italian sodas this way. I know Espresso Royale will.