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Oct 16, 2008 12:48 PM

Pumpkin Pancakes are back at Mimi's!

They've actually been back for a couple weeks now. Get your fill before they disappear till next year!

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  1. Ohh I love pumpkin baked goods. I've never tried Mimi's for breakfast but there is one nearby. Do you think this is their best breakfast option for a first timer?

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    1. re: chinchi

      Their pumpkin pancakes are a "must" for me this time of the year. If you love pumpkin baked goods, you must give them a try. They serve them w/ some kind of apple topping - I always skip that b/c I think why ruin a good thing? To me, they are just perfect w/ butter and syrup. If you want to try something else, I also love their pain perdu - french toast stuffed w/ cream cheese and orange marmalade. They serve it w/ a big glob of butter and syrup but it is so rich on its own, I don't eat it w/ anything. Another thing I can recommend is their corned beef hash. I've never tried it (I don't personally like corned beef hash) but my DH, who adores corned beef hash, had Mimi's a couple weeks ago and proclaimed it the best he ever had. He has been to Mimi's several times and never liked it, till now. So, you've got a few options. :)

      1. re: chinchi

        I generally prefer savory breakfasts (odd for someone with a sweet tooth like mine!) so I really like their breakfast tacos or fajitas or something or other (haven't been in awhile) and their crab benedict. But, pumpkin pancakes do sound good.

      2. Oooooh yeeaaaah, we've been twice already and planning to go again before the end of the month! Best thing they have at any time of year!