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Oct 16, 2008 12:42 PM

Large fried chicken order in Brooklyn

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Any ideas for a good and not-too-expensive place within a couple miles of Park Slope to get a few buckets' worth of fried chicken to go? I recall reading here years ago that the Pathmark at Atlantic Center had surprisingly good chicken. Anyone had it recently? Much obliged for any suggestions.

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  1. HENRY'S END in Brooklyn Heights has the best Fried Chicken .But HE is a fine take out.

    I think your best bet, great Fried Chicken, freshly cooked to order, reasonable price, in quantity, is POPEYE'S. Their chicken is really delicious..

    1. The Soul Spot on Atlantic Avenue near Smith might do you for. They have a catering menu that includes "Southern Fried Chicken."

      Mmmmm. I'm hungry!

      1. I'm not sure if they do fried or only roasted chicken but the Boston Mkt in Coney Island does GREAT chicken with very decent sides.for a very economical price. We used to have them cater a lot of lunches. Popeye's chicken strips are good but I don't know anything about their bone in chicken. If Fleur says it's delicious I'm sure it is. They just opened a new branch on 8th Ave and 64th St.

        1. There's a Popeye's on Empire Blvd & Flatbush Ave. It's probably my favorite outlet. You can take the Q train from 7th Ave to the next stop (towards Coney Island), take the B-41 bus in front of the newsstand on Flatbush & Park directly to Empire or just walk the mile or so. IMO, they have not only the best chicken but the best sides such as onion rings, dirty rice and so on. Their faux buttermilk biscuits can be better than the real thing, at least of what you can get up here. I've only tasted better in Knoxville, TN and Birmingham, AL.

          Other than that the only thing closer is a KFC on 4th Ave and Douglas (St. Johns), it's not bad but it's no Popeye's.

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            If you have access to a car and don't mind a 45 minute-ish drive, then THE place to get fried chicken is Zorn's on Long Island. I always go to the original location in Bethpage right off the 135, but there is also a location in Bellmore which may be a touch closer.

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              I've had Soul Spot cater two parties, and their fried chicken is really top notch. Mitchell's Soul Food, on Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights, also has superb fried chickn. You really can't go wrong with either of those.

              1. re: ropa vieja

                I went to Mitchell's for fried chicken once and it was ok at best. Definitely not worth going out of the way for.

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                  I dunno about soul spot; in the end, I still prefer popeye's! always consistent, and great prices of course.

              2. re: bigmackdaddy

                We get our Fried Chicken at the Popeye's on Court Street across from Borough Hall and the Municipal Building.

                When doing it for a crowd, I reheat on a baking sheet in the overn, then drain on paper towels. This drains of f all the excess grease,. and gets the chicken very crispy. It is then good served hot or cold.

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                  Thanks, bigmackaddy (and the rest of you for your suggestions) -- I ended up hitting your Popeye's. They gave us a great deal (it was for a benefit) and it was really good.

                2. I agree with the Henry's End rec. It is excellent and unique -- I believe they use cloves among other spices. How about Pies & Thighs in Williamsburg?