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Oct 16, 2008 12:15 PM

Best Pizza (SLICE) in Westchester

I have tried a lot of Pizza all over, and I swear that Mario's (Chappaqua) slice of regular is the best. The crust is thin, crisp, like airy pastry- not too much sauce, good amount of cheese, well seasoned. Perfect. I had it three times in the last two weeks.

Any other beloved westchester slices?

BTW, I live in NYC now, and nothing compares to what you can find in Westchester, this goes for the Delis, too.

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  1. i dont get into the "best" stuff, but a great slice is at alla antica in do you come up with a in country anyway ??

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    1. re: intrepid

      I know, but "best" gets people riled up.
      I actually edited "country" out, but it was meant as hyperbole.

      I will check out the slice in Scarsdale, thanks.

      1. re: intrepid

        My favorite!!! I would say at All' Antica, my favorite is the eggplant and gorgonzola or the portobella!!!

        1. re: MikiLovesSugar

          The eggplant and gorgonzola is phenomenal! The sausage and fennel is excellent, too.

      2. I have always enjoyed Portofino Pizzeria in Goldens Bridge. They serve up massive slices with a nice thin crust and tangy sauce.

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          1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

            OMG yes! And huge is an understatement... they need 3 paper plates to support the size of that thing! (i dont mean its heavy, the surface area of the thing is enormous!!!) the crust is thin and crispy and delicious!

          2. I need to come up with a map, along the Saw Mill, up to Golden's Bridge , with slices along the way.

            1. nicky's(white plains,) white pizza is the best!!!

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              1. re: sparkyspecial

                Italian Villiage in Scarsdale, which is in the Golden Horseshoe strip mall, has hands down the best slice of Chicken Marsala I have had in Westchester. For those of you who like white pizza and something with some substance, I highly recommend this slice. Eat it right away to avoid the grease to set in but even then its still a heavenly bite up to the crust.

                1. re: FoodE4Thought

                  buffalo chicken slice at al dante in rye, mmmmm