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Founding Farmers good for someone who doesnt eat meat?

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I'm was going to take someone to Founding Farmers that doesn't eat meat... do you think this is fine? She eats fish and vegetables (not a vegan) but no meat. If you don't think Founding Farmers is a good idea, any other suggestions?

I wanted to do something with a cool atmosphere, and good food, where she'll have a decent selection to choose from.


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  1. Have you looked at the menu? It sure looks like there are veggie and fish options.

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      that's what i thought, but i just wanted to check with you guys to make sure. thanks Jacey

    2. Hi MarcDC -

      I just had dinner there last night, and while the food is mostly really good, the decibel level in the dining area downstairs is deafening. When you make your reservation (and I highly recommend one, since the place was packed), you should ask for a table upstairs. My friends and I were hoarse after dinner from having to shout at each other all evening!

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