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Oct 16, 2008 11:38 AM

Good breakfast places?

I'm looking for a good breakfast place near The Seneca Hotel (200 East Chesnut Street). We will have a car though, so we don't mind driving a little bit for a better breakfast if you know one that's not in walking distance. Thanks!

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  1. The luxury hotel restaurants do a fine job (and charge a fine price for it!). In particular, NoMI in the Park Hyatt is one of Chicago's finest restaurants, and they serve an excellent (albeit conventional) breakfast menu during the week. On weekends, they serve an a la carte menu for Saturday brunch and a sumptuous (at $55, it should be) buffet brunch on Sundays.

    When I'm in that area, I'm more likely to go to the Original Pancake House at 22 East Bellevue Place for their big apple pancake.

    When I'm in the car around the downtown area, I like Bongo Room, at Wabash and Roosevelt, just south of the Loop; on weekday mornings, you can sometimes find metered on-street parking nearby, and I think they have an arrangement with a nearby lot, too. (They also have a location on Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park that is about the same distance from your hotel.) They have great pancake specialties; they will also do partial servings at a reduced price, of one or two pancakes instead of the standard three, so you can try several of their offerings. I had blueberry pancakes with vanilla panna cotta sauce that were just heavenly. On weekends, they get busy, with long lines to be seated.

    If this is on a Sunday, I love the Sunday brunch served in Wicker Park at Between Boutique.

    You can find lots more recommendations in the extensive discussion at

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      Thanks for the link and great reply! I'm in Chicago for two days so I'm going to try Bongo Room one of those days! Sounds delicious.

    2. Tempo, which is quite close to your hotel has good omlettes and other breakfast dishes. It is a slightly nicer version of a typical Chicago Greek "coffee shop", and is open 24 hours (it cxan get pretty raucous at 4am when the bars close). Last time I was there (which has been quite a while), they only accepted cash payment.

      Tempo Restaurant
      6 E Chestnut St,
      Chicago, IL 60611
      (312) 943-4373

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        Thanks for the recommendation! I'm going to try Tempo for my other breakfast in Chicago. Also, thanks for letting me know about cash...I usually use credit cards so I'll be sure to hit an ATM first.