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What is the best restaurant for lobster in Seattle?

We moved from Florida last year and my wife is craving lobster. What restaurants do you recommend for lobster in Seattle, prepared the traditional style, surf and turf, or Italian style with pasta? Thanks!

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  1. Warning you the board maybe thinking "Lobster ain't local!" but I sympathize with hometown cravings. Its not even on the websites for Oceanaire or Saltys the obvious seafood starting points. I'd check the various "grilles" in the retail core.

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      It isn't so much that it isn't local, it's that it really doesn't travel well. Lobster, like salmon, is best enjoyed as fresh as possible, and even tho that lobster is still alive when you get it, its been out of the water for too long and the travel just isn't good for it.

      Honestly, when I'm back in New England, I don't get salmon, when I'm here, I don't get lobster.

    2. does Chinese count? Top Gun in Factoria (Bellevue) has a lobster noodle (yee mein) dish which is not bad. Crush has a lobster gnocchi dish which is fantastic but it is pretty pricey (and not a whole lobster if that's what you're after). Canlis and Waterfront Seafood grill have lobster.

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        I had a nice lobster tail at Waterfront this summer. And their lobster mashed potatoes are the best! I had them again last week........

      2. McCormick & Schmidts use to do a lobster special every Tuesday night I think, give them a call and ask

        1. I understand the urge to go completely jet-plane overboard for the familiar from far away home, but hope the opportunity to meet and admire local Dungeness crab gets its turn. I agree that the likeliest houses for Lobster will be the expense-account joints downtown: McCormick's, The Metropolitan, The Brooklyn, etc. Maybe try hotels first, because they get lots of people far from home.

          1. I think you're best bet might be one of the steakhouses or such:
            Daniel's Broiler
            Metropolitan Grill
            El Gaucho
            Chandler's Crabhouse

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              Since it has to be flown from in 3000 miles away it's just not something you'll see often on restaurant menus. Like alki chick said, you can probably find it at steakhouses, but it tends to be lobster tail, and often from Australian. Not sure if that will satisfy the craving or not.

              We buy live lobsters from Uwajimaya, University Seafood or that Asian market in Oak Tree Plaza on 99 when we want them.

            2. Yum, lobster.
              Waterfront Seafood Grill is a really good bet. They have both Maine and Australian.
              And take a look at lobster prices these days, they are incredibly low. An anomaly in today's market but hey, we reap the rewards!

              1. Why eat lobster when many restaurants will soon be serving Fresh (never frozen) Alaska King Crab. The season just opened on the 15th and it should be in restaurants very soon!