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Oct 16, 2008 11:27 AM

Just another bad pub review - The Spotted Dick

I know, I know...typical pubs are not known as an epicurean salvation, but even the most ardent lovers of all things fine need a pub fix now and then. Having worked in the Yonge/Bay/Bloor area for over 10 years, I've sampled just about every offering in the neighbourhood. Well today I met the SO for lunch and we thought, why not hit a pub for some quick reliable 'pub chow'. Burgundy's was definitely out of the question...even in my early 20's half loaded on cheap beer I knew a nasty kitchen when I saw one, and I've never been back. I remembered the Spotted Dick opposite the Bay on the south side of Bloor, and thought "why not." Years ago I recall they did a passable job on the pub grub...that kind of food can't be done too poorly, now can it? Well, I guess it can. Service was attentive upon arrival, non-existant after food delivery. SO's burger was dried out to scone proportions and fries were cold. I opted for a soup and sandwich. Soup was so over-salted I'm still puckered, and well, if you can't do a turkey on dark rye without making look like it came from a gulag's cafeteria...well, you probably get my point.
It's not a bad spot to stop for a quick pint, but I would tread carefully if you're diving in to quell your appetite.

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  1. Sounds more like an X-rated film than a place I'd consider dining in.. Based on the name alone, I don't think I'd eat here

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      Spotted Dick was one of my favourite sweets (dessert) as a youngster growing up in Britain. It's a steamed suet (beef fat) pudding containing raisins, they are the spots. Cooked as a long roll and sliced hot for serving topped with butter and sugar. OMG I can still taste it now. A great food for those damp, chilly English days. Sometimes prepared without the spots and then served topped with Lyle's golden syrup.

    2. Thanks for the review. I live in that area and have walked past it many times, but never ventured in. I won't bother.