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Oct 16, 2008 10:52 AM

Does good sushi exist in NE Calgary?

Besides Misai and Chopsticks which is mucho money for very little... are there any other good sushi places on the NE Calgary?

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  1. Zipang in Bridgeland is one of the best reviewed sushi places in the city.

    Wa's is on Centre St N- not NE side but very close.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      Went to Zipang today.. It was very very good. Good recommendation. Though I don't think I could dine there often. The prices are pretty high. Our lunch for 2 came to 85 with no alcohol.

    2. I agree with John on his two suggestions - both Zipang (Bridgeland - 1st Ave. NE and about 9th St.) and Wa's Centre St. (on the West side) and 17th Ave are great (although I prefer Zipang).

      There are lots of other great inner city NE places too - Maruju is on Centre St. (on the West side) and about 9th Ave. It's pretty small, but has a decent selection and good prices. My two favourites though are Shikiji (Centre St. and 16th Ave.) and Shibuya (16th Ave. and about 4th St.). Great fresh product, innovative presentations, and strong service.

      1. I also agree with John and Jigga on Sushi Bar Zipang and Wa's although both of them are barely in the NE.

        I was at Zipang this week for omakase with a friend from out of town who splits his time between LA and New York so he knows good sushi. We had a very nice evening at the sushi bar: good selection of high-quality sashimi and nigiri sushi, marinated black cod (one serving each, I wasn't willing to share, neither was he), a raw tuna dish with onion and quail egg, and a couple of rolls - and sake of course - I like sake served in those little wooden boxes, it's just more fun. Nothing exotic and no Globefish-style fusion (which I'm not fond of anyways), but very good quality and the servings were generous.

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        1. re: alley

          Do you mind if I ask how much the omakase was?

          I was at Zipang a couple of times, and I don't recall seeing omakase on the menu. I understand it's chef's selection of the day, but I kinda want to know what's on it before ordering.

          1. re: Anomay

            The previous time I dined at Sushi Bar Zipang I asked if they offered omaksase and did we need to reserve for it in advance, the sushi chef said yes, just come in and sit at the sushi bar and ask for omakase.

            So this time we ordered omakase, and the chef asked us what kind of things we liked and how hungry we were, was there anything in particular we wanted or didn't like (we made sure to ask for the black cod because it is one of my favourite dishes on the menu). Then they served us a selection of sashimi and sushi and other dishes, then asked if we were still hungry and made up some more things. The restaurant was busy so I didn't spend more time exploring what our options could have been.

            Since we ate a lot of fish, it came to $140 for two not including the sake.

            1. re: alley

              "Are you still hungry?" Be still, my heart- this sounds like Raffles Class on Singapore Airlines.

              1. re: alley

                wow... what else did you eat? and what is Omakasase?

                1. re: sleepycat

                  To snag a section of foodsopher's latest post on his blog.

                  "Omakase: from the verb “makasu” which means to trust. What it means in restaurant terms is to place your trust in the chef. To serve you his best. To interpret your tastes. To create an outstanding, unique dining experience."

                  He also has more to say about it, I suggest popping over to his blog.


                  Hope that is cool that I linked to your blog FS.

                  1. re: raidar

                    foodosophy is a collective effort- SUPERB complete review of omakase at Blowfish there.

                    Raidar, my understanding is that it's fine to promote other ppl's blogs on chow but not your own.

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                      Thanks for the link. I quite enjoyed reading that blog.

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                        Not only is it cool, it is appreciated. I'm glad that the post was useful in some way. This is the type of feedback that makes us feel happy - it's nice to know someone reads what we write! :)

              2. Try Aji Ichiban which is on the south side of 32nd Ave NE in the same parking lot as the London Drugs and Starbucks off of 36 St NE. The prices were reasonable and the fish was fresh.

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                1. re: tintallie

                  I'm always interested in resturant names and Aji Ichiban in Japanese means “the best and superior”.

                  We walked into the quaint little shop on Tuesday. They had a big sign that said everything was 20% off on Tuesday. Even though it doesn't start til November, we proceeded on. The staff were dressed in traditional garb which was quite interesting.
                  SO ordered combo d which consisted of sushi, tempura, salad and miso soup. We shared the Alberta roll and the Dynamite roll. SO loved the sushi and said the salmon was super yummy. The tempura didn't seem as fresh but still passable. In all the sushi was quite fresh and Maki rolls were pretty good. The prices are reasonable. What I didn't like was seeing our waitress chow down behind the counter. It looked like she was preparing something and eating at the same time. A customer was waiting to pay and she didn't notice until the sushi chef told her someone was waiting. I also am not a fan of bookend hospitality. You know when they are nice to you at the beginning and the end and not so much in the middle.

                  All in all, I'd go back. It's a nice little place but I suppose after you have Zipang it's hard not to be a little disappointed. Zipang is sushi heaven.

                  Thanks for the tip! :D

                  1. re: sleepycat

                    went there on friday noonish .your review made me laugh because the waitress were all taking turns chowing down behind the counter.your right about the sushi very tasty,i had the best eel sashimi (?) ever.lightly grilled with a nice bbq flavor and the best rice ive had yet .usually i hate rice and just eat the fish off the top,but these were to good.also had the dynamite rolls which were going back when im in the city with more time.the tiger rolls look tempting ,very complex ,im gonna sit by the sushi chef and see how he does it.

                    1. re: sleepycat

                      tempura is terrible there. ... it's premade and refried. The batter isnt good.

                  2. anybody try taketomi village on 36thne by Marlborough .is it still there?

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                    1. re: howlin

                      It's there... but it's not Japanese food anymore. It's Chinese/ Indian.