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Oct 16, 2008 10:13 AM

Birthday Dinner for a Senior Near Valley Village

November 2 will be my 83rd. (I still don't believe it!) My daughter and son-in-law want to take me to dinner in this general area. (I live in Valley Village, while they live in Valencia.) During the past two years, because of all your kindness, I've had the deep pleasure for dining in several gems. Several months ago I asked for recommendations for a special Italian restaurant in this area. Thanks to many of you, I now love Prosecco Trattoria. It's become my favorite Italian. Unfortunately, my daughter isn't a fan of Italian food, and we've done Chinese/Thai to death. Although I love all shellfish, she can't eat it due to religious dietary restrictions. Also, as a result of an upper plate and missing several of my bottom teeth, chewing, while not impossible, is somewhat difficult. I'm searching for something special in this general area, wonderful food, excellent service, with a nice ambience, and would deeply appreciate any suggestions. My deepest appreciation for your help.

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  1. A good compromise might be Eclectic Wine Bar & Grille on Lankershim. Everyone should find something to eat on their menu and the setting is appropriate for a birthday.


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      An exciting thought since I know nothing about the Ecletic Wine Bar & Grill. I'll check it out. Thank you.

    2. Well, if not for the "no Italian" restriction, I would strongly suggest Ca' del Sole on Cahuenga where it meets Lankershim. There's a beautiful outdoor garden if the weather is nice, but the inside is quite lovely as well, especially the main room with the fireplace. I'm not sure it's so "Italian" so as to be precluded. I would say more Italian-ish. Certainly there are pastas, but there are lots of salads and main dishes that aren't particularly Italian. My husband and I enjoy their brick chicken quite a lot. Prices are reasonable for the caliber of food. Full bar too, which is always plus for me. Maybe check out their menu online: http://www.cadelsole.com/

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        You're right, Debbie. I have completely forgotten about Ca' del Sole. My wife and I used to go there quite often, many years ago, and we always enjoyed it. As I remember, it had quite a bit more ambience then than The Olive garden has today. Thank you for your suggestion. It's well worth considering.

      2. Hmmm, the only thing really stopping me from recommending a number of places like Boneyard Bistro, Max, Caioti (maybe too Italian)... is your mention of a chewing problem. Are you looking for things like soups? Or pastas?

        I think of Mediterranean (falafel, baba ghanoush, hummus, etc) as easy to chew minimally, but Carnival is not "nice ambience."

        A nice place in Studio City is Firefly, esp if you can get the patio.

        Don't know if you'd be willing to drive to Woodland Hills, but somewhere like Ruth's Chris, you could have shellfish or fish, and your daughter free to have steak or chicken; nice sides that go down easily, and service to me is always good.

        In Sherman Oaks, there are places like Cafe Bizou, Cafe Cordiale, The Great Greek, Spazio, Panzanella...