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What should I order at Julie's Cuban?

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I'm struck by the generally negative feedback about Julie's Cuban. I was there once before about 2 years ago and while I don't recall being wowed, I also don't remember it to be unsatisfactory.

We're going there on Saturday night and I'd love to avoid ordering something less than desirable.

Any suggestions?

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  1. When I was there, I really enjoyed the "Papa Rellena II" with mushrooms, garlic, onions and sweet peppers.

    I do really enjoy Julie's Cuban! Especially their mojitos. Unfortunately, I've only been once because it's not overly vegetarian friendly. Probably a good thing - while it's not overly expensive, it's not really a cheap meal out either.

    Enjoy your time! I love the atmosphere.

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      Like Thora, I've never had a bad experience at Julie's. Though the food hasn't overwhelmed me, it's always been pretty good. And the ambience and service have been very good. I prefer to eat tapas style - share a salad or two, some plantain, ceviche, papas rellena... yum! Enjoy! And let us know how your meal goes!

    2. Julie's is all about the patio. On a hot summer night, tapas & Sangria are a treat. Sitting inside when it's cold, not so much. It's kinda dumpy. A lot of people think Cuban food is spicy, but it's actually quite bland (or what I have experienced has been).

      1. OMG, it's all about the "croquetas de mais" corn fritters with sour cream. You best order two orders right off the bat.