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Oct 16, 2008 09:03 AM

Breakfasts and Lunch in Downtown SD/Gaslamp?

Hi All -

I'm headed to San Diego Convention Center (staying at Marina Marriott) for a conference. I've stayed, but never dined, in the Gaslamp/DT area. I've found some great recs for dinner spots (Cafe Chloe, Cowboy Star, Neighborhood, etc.), but I'm wondering if anyone has any special recs for great but quick breakfasts and/or lunches within walking distance of the Convention Center. I love just about every type of food, but since dinners will be my dining focus on this trip, I'm hoping for some spots that offer reasonably priced but high quality stuff. Take out/dine in doesn't matter.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Cafe 221 and Richard Walker's are in that general area. They're both a little pricey, and there's always a wait unless you get there really early.

    1. Cafe 222 is fine- get there early. Richard Walkers, not so much.

      1. Cheese Shop Deli serves only breakfast and lunch. Opens at 6 am.

        Nice lunches at Nordstrom Cafe inside Horton Plaza or at the deli downstairs on street level or a whole food court on top floor.

        Sultan Schawarma on 4th just south of Market is small and makes great food, opens at 11.

        1. Cafe 222 is good for breakfast and lunch, just over the trolley tracks from the Marriott.

          1. Richard Walker's...avoid at all costs. Truly terrible food and rude, rude, rude service.

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              I'd second Cafe 222 and the Cheese Shop. Cafe Chloe serves a wonderful breakfast daily as well.

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                I was going to say the same earlier, but hoped it changed since I was there last year. Sad to say, it was bad and I have no desire to return.