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Oct 16, 2008 08:58 AM

Cupcakes in London?

Who has the best? I will be staying primarily in central London. Websites and post codes would be helpful too since I don't know the area all that well. Thanks so much!

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  1. You'll probably love An abdudant choice of baked goods inc cupcakes in flavours like rum and coke. It's run by two guys from the U.S.

    I also like the cupcakes at Peyton and Bryne in Heals on Tottenham Court Road.

    There's also Beas of Bloomsbury

    I haven't been to Buttercup, but I hear it's expensive

    The Spence bakery in Stoke Newtington is nice and will offer you a taste of 'real' London as it's not central and full of tourists. They do lots of traditonal baked goods.

    1. This thread has quite a few good suggestions. Once you have a shop's street address, just use the Google map site and you'll find a good way to find things in London.

      Hummingbirds seem to be a real favorite.

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        I think the best two central London cupcake places are Hummingbird (Portobello Road or Brompton Road) or Buttercup (Kensington). They are both fantastic and as good as any I had in NY. Today if you go to Hummingbird they have black bottom cupcakes as their cupcake of the day! They also do a really great Red Velvet!
        Tomorrow you can also pick up Crumbs and Doilies cupcakes at Partridges Food Market (near Sloane Square) which are really good. And Lola's are available from Selfridges. I had a lovely cupcake from Peyton and Burne y'day which had frosting as thick as the cake - it was incredibly decadent and rather yummy!
        Outsider Tart do great cupcakes - you can find them at Profile bar in Soho in the week, and Richmond/Chiswick market weekeends - however they dont always do cupcakes but they do layer cakes at the Profile bar so worth checking if you're in Soho.
        If you're in Camden/Primrose hill you can try out Primrose Bakery - always nice but I find the service in there quite awful (as is the service at Lolas in Selfridges!)
        If you google all the names you can find easy maps etc.
        My blog has pretty much every cupcake place in London on it if you want to read further!

      2. After extensive testing - and I mean extensive - I can safely say that Lola's make what I think are the best cupcakes in London. Their sponge is just that bit lighter than others and the buttercream is perfect for me. I also find the woman who serves me in Selfridges is lovely and friendly, though I can't vouch for the other servers.

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            I always get a grumpy man in Selfridges so maybe I'm just unlucky. It always seems an effort for him to stop his conversation to serve!
            I do like Lola's however I think Hummingbird or Buttercup (for central London) would be the best.
            Cupcake weekend at Outsider Tart is ALWAYS worth checking out however!

            1. re: iheartcupcakes

              I have to say I was extremely underwhelmed by Lola's when I had one in Selfridges; dry, sickly sweet and I couldn't finish it.

              1. re: hollow_legs

                yes, sadly they're probably not always fresh. because the bakery is not on site, it's a matter of luck what you get sometimes. it's no excuse, and i wish it didn't have to be so random, since when they are fresh, i think lola's cupcakes are excellent.

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                  I had the same problem recently with Lola's from Selfridges, however when they're fresh from the bakery they are really different - moist cake and yummy frosting. I think its a pity they dont have their own store so people could try them properly!

            2. Ottolenghi's cup cakes are excellent (Ledbury Road, Notting Hill or Upper street, Islington) but I agree that the clear cupcake king (or queen) is Hummingbird which is on Portabello road, Notting Hill. Hummingbird cupcakes have that really thick, decadent American style frosting. I think a new branch has opened up in South Kensington as well.


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                The South Ken one is nicer imo as it has more seating! I've not tried Ottolenghi's cupcakes yet as every time I've gone by the queue is massive and I'm usually on my way to Hummingbird, where I know the queue will be big!

                If you're in Portobello Road on a Saturday, The Cookie Girls cupcakes are gorgeous too! I had a courgette one a few weeks back and it was amazing! There are some pics in my blog!

              2. I think Peyton & Byrne do great ones! Really yummy, with plenty of icing and colourful too. They do great pastries and breads also.