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Cupcakes in London?

Who has the best? I will be staying primarily in central London. Websites and post codes would be helpful too since I don't know the area all that well. Thanks so much!

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  1. You'll probably love www.outsidertart.co.uk. An abdudant choice of baked goods inc cupcakes in flavours like rum and coke. It's run by two guys from the U.S.

    I also like the cupcakes at Peyton and Bryne in Heals on Tottenham Court Road.

    There's also Beas of Bloomsbury www.beasofbloomsbury.com.

    I haven't been to Buttercup, but I hear it's expensive www.buttercupcakeshop.co.uk.

    The Spence bakery in Stoke Newtington is nice and will offer you a taste of 'real' London as it's not central and full of tourists. They do lots of traditonal baked goods. www.thespence.co.uk

    1. This thread has quite a few good suggestions. Once you have a shop's street address, just use the Google map site and you'll find a good way to find things in London.


      Hummingbirds seem to be a real favorite.

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        I think the best two central London cupcake places are Hummingbird (Portobello Road or Brompton Road) or Buttercup (Kensington). They are both fantastic and as good as any I had in NY. Today if you go to Hummingbird they have black bottom cupcakes as their cupcake of the day! They also do a really great Red Velvet!
        Tomorrow you can also pick up Crumbs and Doilies cupcakes at Partridges Food Market (near Sloane Square) which are really good. And Lola's are available from Selfridges. I had a lovely cupcake from Peyton and Burne y'day which had frosting as thick as the cake - it was incredibly decadent and rather yummy!
        Outsider Tart do great cupcakes - you can find them at Profile bar in Soho in the week, and Richmond/Chiswick market weekeends - however they dont always do cupcakes but they do layer cakes at the Profile bar so worth checking if you're in Soho.
        If you're in Camden/Primrose hill you can try out Primrose Bakery - always nice but I find the service in there quite awful (as is the service at Lolas in Selfridges!)
        If you google all the names you can find easy maps etc.
        My blog has pretty much every cupcake place in London on it if you want to read further!


      2. After extensive testing - and I mean extensive - I can safely say that Lola's make what I think are the best cupcakes in London. Their sponge is just that bit lighter than others and the buttercream is perfect for me. I also find the woman who serves me in Selfridges is lovely and friendly, though I can't vouch for the other servers.

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            I always get a grumpy man in Selfridges so maybe I'm just unlucky. It always seems an effort for him to stop his conversation to serve!
            I do like Lola's however I think Hummingbird or Buttercup (for central London) would be the best.
            Cupcake weekend at Outsider Tart is ALWAYS worth checking out however!

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              I have to say I was extremely underwhelmed by Lola's when I had one in Selfridges; dry, sickly sweet and I couldn't finish it.

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                yes, sadly they're probably not always fresh. because the bakery is not on site, it's a matter of luck what you get sometimes. it's no excuse, and i wish it didn't have to be so random, since when they are fresh, i think lola's cupcakes are excellent.

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                  I had the same problem recently with Lola's from Selfridges, however when they're fresh from the bakery they are really different - moist cake and yummy frosting. I think its a pity they dont have their own store so people could try them properly!

            2. Ottolenghi's cup cakes are excellent (Ledbury Road, Notting Hill or Upper street, Islington) but I agree that the clear cupcake king (or queen) is Hummingbird which is on Portabello road, Notting Hill. Hummingbird cupcakes have that really thick, decadent American style frosting. I think a new branch has opened up in South Kensington as well.


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                The South Ken one is nicer imo as it has more seating! I've not tried Ottolenghi's cupcakes yet as every time I've gone by the queue is massive and I'm usually on my way to Hummingbird, where I know the queue will be big!

                If you're in Portobello Road on a Saturday, The Cookie Girls cupcakes are gorgeous too! I had a courgette one a few weeks back and it was amazing! There are some pics in my blog!

              2. I think Peyton & Byrne do great ones! Really yummy, with plenty of icing and colourful too. They do great pastries and breads also.


                1. I'd like to put in another vote for Buttercup, which I've found to be a bit more consistently better than Hummingbird. Their chocolate zucchini option is lovely.

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                    Do you known what days they do the chocolate zucchini - whenever I've been there they've not had it - sounds fab though! I do like to try something different!
                    My husband adores their cookie cupcake - the amount of frosting on it is just astounding!

                  2. OMG! - the absolutely best cupcakes in London are the ORGANIC CUPCAKE COMPANY.
                    sO FAB! truly delicious and decadent and great value for money - you must try them!

                    1. I've tried a few of these suggestions and they're all pretty good. Another idea if you fancy a cheaper option is going to Gregg's (hear me out!) - pretty good icing, soft cakes and only 75p a cake. Give them a go maybe.

                      1. This discussion has amused me. It used to be that in the U.S., cupcakes were mainly for kids. I guess we are all kids at heart, and who doesn't love a cupcake?? Maybe this is a new sociological, psychological, and culinary thing to be studied and explored.

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                          cupcakes are very much an adult thing now I'd say! they're becoming more and more popular in the uk. Yesterday we visited the Westfield branch of Buttercup and while there enjoying our FAB cupcakes about 20 people came over saying "found it" or "here it is" so we weren't the only one looking for it!

                          I think its because they're a little bit of naughtiness in a little cute package! or we're just all tired of being so grown up!

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                            Looks like a great business to be in - £2.50 each according to the Buttercup site.

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                              I'd like to take some British goodies and start a trend in America! The cupcakes here have one important addition compared to the U.S. versions... lots of icing!

                              I take it you mean a branch in the new shopping centre. I will have to treat myself to a trip there one of these days - if just for the cupcakes alone. :-)

                              I've been a grownup for so long that I'm getting to my second childhood.

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                                There are plenty of places in the US have have massive amounts of fronting on top. Mrs. Beasley's, Famimia, Yummy's, I could go on....

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                                  I guess I've been away too long... things change. Where is Mrs. Beasley's or Famimia?

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                                    Hi there -- please continue discussing these US places on the appropriate board; we'd hate for everyone else to miss it.

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                                  Yes there is a branch of Buttercup in Westfield shopping centre - its not listed on the Buttercup website yet but is definitely trading as we ate there on Monday! On the Westfield website its listed as a cafe but it has about 4 seats! Its right in front of Habitat/Paperchase (We had difficulty finding it on Thurs so went back on Monday when it was quieter!)

                                  I'm with you on the second childhood!!! I think thats where my love of cupcakes and all things cupcake has come from!

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                                    I had my first cupcake ever from Hummingbird the other day-red velvet and was very underwhelmed. The stuff on top was sickly sweet and the cake was pretty tasteless. A waste of good calories-give me a chocolate brownie or almond croissant any day. When i was a little girl my mum used to make butterfly cakes for parties-victoria sponge mixture in paper cases, with tops scooped out and then glued down like wings with buttercream, lemoncurd or jam, but they were not nearly so sweet. Maybe it's me-I think my tastebuds have grown up.

                            2. I second the Hummingbird bakery in Notting Hill for yummy cupcakes!

                              1. I bought some cupcakes from Dulwich Farmer's Market (think it is the third Sunday in each month at Dulwich College) the Sunday before Christmas. I don't even know the name of the company but the girl serving said they were local. The coconut ones were the absolute best. Very light sponge and just sweet enough icing. The banana ones were very dry and were a bit like eating wet cardboard. Will look out for them again. Can't remember how much I paid as I got a deal as it was just before closing, but they certainly weren't £2.50 each. I am totally underwhelmed by Hummingbird's offerings.

                                1. The Primrose Bakery have just (?) opened a new shop in Covent Garden - Tavistock Street to be precise!

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                                    The new store opened a few weeks ago and its really nice! they have about 3 tables and LOTS of yummy cupcakes! They're deffo in the top 5 of cupcake places in London, and very reasonably priced too - we had some gorgeous cupcakes there over Christmas!
                                    The coffees good in there as well!

                                    1. re: isabella_deste

                                      Does anyone know the hours for Primrose Bakery in their Covent Garden branch?

                                      1. re: felizglfr

                                        According to their website - Mon-Sat 10:30am-7:30pm, Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm, however when we went there last week i'm pretty sure it said 6.30 close on a weeknight. However you can always give them a call!

                                        1. re: iheartcupcakes

                                          Thanks! I'll be going there this weekend since I need to pick up some theatre tickets. I can't wait. Like yourself, I'm slowly trying every cupcake in this city one by one.

                                          1. re: felizglfr

                                            Its a nice little place for a coffee as well - if you can get a seat, theres not many at all!
                                            Enjoy your cupcake - their rose ones are lovely!
                                            You'll be near Beas as well- my husband bought me some cookie monster cupcakes last night which I will blog about tonight!

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                                              I absolutely loved Primrose Bakery. I think I'm in love with their rose cupcake. Their carrot cake cupcake wasn't that amazing though. I'm definetly going back there and try their regular vanilla cupcakes and their mocha one.

                                              1. re: felizglfr

                                                Glad you liked them! I know I've had a carrot cake there but can't remember it- the rose one is def my favourite from there though! My husband likes the chocolate mocha one

                                    2. The cupcakes at Brumus (for afternoon tea) are very well made - just right in terms of moisture and crumb, very good flavour with the right level of sweetness in both cake and frosting and great balance of frosting vs cake.

                                      1. Hey! You must try Ms Cupcake's delights...she makes *vegan* cupcakes though you would never know...her flavour combinations are inspired...at the moment she's just doing private orders but she does seem to pop up at different hip events around london giving out free cupcake love...

                                        1. My lovely husband had a box of cupcakes delivered to my office in SW London today from crumbsanddoilies.co.uk - flavour of the month: vanilla rose. Sooo decadent! Pretty and delicious! (Bookmark this site and pass subtle hints to your loved ones before your birthday... I highly recommend it.)

                                          1. did you try candy cakes in covent garden?

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                                              I've been to Candy Cakes and in my opinion they're giant muffins covered in royal icing.. not cupcakes! I was also a bit perturbed that they dont seem to be baked in store!

                                            2. Treacle on Columbia Road do lively cupcakes, but are only open on Sundays when the flower market is open - great way to spend a Sunday morning though!

                                              1. i would second anyone who says hummingbird and lola. i'm a bit of a cupcake obsessive and they're definitely my favourite. lola's perhaps a little bit better, but not by much. also, if you're ever in brighton, angelfoodbakery in the south laines(www.angelfoodbakery.co.uk), has decent red velvet and banana cupcakes (not so keen on vanilla).

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                                                  Angel Food Bakery is FAB - I really liked their vanilla and red velvet when I visited! Definitely worth the train to Brighton :)
                                                  I'd have to disagree that Hummingbird is second to Lola's though - I prefer Hummingbird for sure!

                                                2. I tried Buttercup today in Westfield. Despite being a ridiculously priced 2.50 - I can handle 1.85 to 2 quid, but 2.50!!! - it was fantastic. I had the 'Elvis Presley', a banana cupcake which was moist and not overly sugary with peanut butter icing on top, which had a fantastic level of saltiness. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
                                                  I also like Angel Food Bakery in Brighton when I'm there. The red velvet is very good.
                                                  The nutella cupcake from Hummingbird is great too. Most days are spent waiting until Saturday, when I can go get one.

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                                                    I tried the cupcakes @ Treacle along Columbia road market and wasn't too impressed. The chocolate was dry and too crumbly, the vanilla one which I gave to my niece looked more moist.

                                                    1. re: Nii

                                                      The last time I went to Treacle the cakes were incredibly dry so I have decided to give them a miss! The ones at the Cakehole (a little bit down Columbia Road) were really flavoursome and moist though.